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Overworked HR Teams

HR teams are often understaffed, and the tech needs of the HR department are often prioritized after other business needst.


Focused on Compliance

HR teams are increasingly focused on compliance – from government regulations like ACA and COBRA to internal policies and proceduresd.


Burdened by Admin Work

HR is burdened by administrative processes and complex eligibility rules that are unique to their workforce and benefits programse.


Challenged by Technology

Employees expect an engaging, mobile-friendly experience for benefits that’s similar to how they shop for anything elsere.

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PlanSource Has the Right Features


ACA Measurement and Reporting

PlanSource automates the measurement of employee hours and the creation and distribution of 1094-C and 1095-C forms.

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Eligibility Management

Configure your employee groups and benefits, including business rules for waiting periods, coverage options, age restrictions and EOI.



Manage the end-to-end experience from qualification and enrollment to administration and termination.


Open Enrollment

Oversee the OE process for your employees for the new plan year, while continuing to manage changes in the current benefit year.

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Cost Calculations

Calculate employee and employer contributions to premiums, and automatically transmit deductions to your payroll system.


Employee Communications

Provide custom communications to specific employees or employee groups during open enrollment or throughout the year.

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Bill Creation and Reconciliation

Generate consolidated self-bills and reconcile carrier-provided bills based upon carrier-specific rules for billing and mid-month changes.

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Configurable Reporting

Leverage a suite of built-in, best practice reports or create custom reports that can be generated automatically to meet your needs.

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Customized Branding

More than just colors and logo, the full user interface can be customized to include imagery, navigation style, messaging and content.

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Advisory Boards


PlanSource understands that our future success depends on keeping our current customers happy. We do this by listening to and having high quality conversations with our partners and customers through the PlanSource Advisory Boards.

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