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City of Kalamazoo Case Study





Eliminating paperwork and manual processes for a smooth OE

Implementing your very first benefits administration software can seem like a daunting task. Read about the City of Kalamazoo’s implementation, launch and open enrollment experiences as first-time PlanSource customers. They shared specific details with us about the most time-saving features, employee integration and more. Learn about what challenges they faced, the solutions PlanSource provided and the overall results from the launch. If you want a more in depth look at their experience, read their customer success story or watch their success story webinar.
How did our OE compare to last year? There’s no comparison! I could literally sit here and watch as people were enrolling. There was no paper. There was no shuffling, no losing documents … it was heaven!
– Shelley Dusek, Director of Human Resources, Labor Relations
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Virtual Open Enrollment
Streamlined workflows and real-time integrations deliver a mobile-friendly enrollment experience that maximizes employee engagement and saves HR tons of time.
Benefits Reporting
PlanSource provides HR teams with a flexible reporting tool that contains more than 50 pre-built reports you can customize and make your own.
Employee Education
Browse 30+ free videos that break down complex benefits terms and concepts into short, easy-to-understand clips you can download and embed directly into the PlanSource platform.
About City of Kalamazoo
The City of Kalamazoo was introduced to PlanSource as a Kronos customer. They were looking forward to complete integration, as well as creating seamless organization of the various union groups and plans they offer as a public sector company. They had no previous benefits platform before, and were excited about a less manual, more automated process.




Kalamazoo, Michigan