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Powerful decision support solutions to power better benefits decisions
Empower smarter, more confident benefits decisions with advanced decision support tools in PlanSource
What is DecisionIQ?
Our simplified shopping experience allows users to shop for benefits the same way they shop for other products online, plus sort and filter available plans based on the factors most important to them, including:
• Out-of-pocket cost estimates• Monthly premiums
• Dependent coverage• HSA eligibility• Prescription drug coverage
Serve up relevant educational content – like videos, documents, tools and communications – where and when employees need it most. PlanSource lets you embed custom content right within your employee shopping and enrollment workflows, so you can add and customize content by page like:

• Plan documents• Side-by-side plan comparisons
• Help videos• Provider lookup
• Cost calculators

• Life event planning tools
• Financial planning tools
• Wellness resources

• DecisionIQ – Advanced AI-powered recommendations on all benefit products and plans

• ALEX from Jellyvision – Interactive financial chatbot for your core benefits plans
Employee understanding of and satisfaction with their benefits is higher than ever.
Employee Benefits Administrator, Nueces County Community Action Agency
Why HR Teams Love Our Decision Support Tools

Get fewer employee questions and more time

Proactive and real-time benefits guidance mean fewer questions for your HR team and more time to focus on strategic HR tasks

2 Hours

Time saved per new hire with educational videos

Maximize the value employees get from their benefits

By empowering better decisions, employees are more likely to understand, appreciate and actually use all of the benefits your company is offering


Employee engagement during OE (even with a passive enrollment style)

Increase voluntary plan participation

Drive awareness and adoption of plans and coverage that employees might not normally enroll in – like HDHPs and new wellness programs


Average increase in voluntary plans participation

Reduce the cost of your monthly benefits bill

Lower plan and premium costs when employees enroll in the best plans and coverage levels for their needs upfront


YOY increase in HDHP Plan Enrollment
Build an Analytics dashboard for HR Admins that highlights key decision support tool engagement and success metrics, like what percentage of employees actually enrolled in the plan that was suggested to them.
By leveraging advanced AI and machine learning on the backend, we’re able to surface “People Like Me” suggestions on any benefit product for quick insights that continue to get smarter and more personalized over time.
Employees need the full benefits picture to make truly sound decisions on plans, coverages and all-in costs. DecisionIQ covers all products and plans, not just part of your benefits package.
Provide hyper-targeted cost estimates that are based on regional cost benchmarks instead of national averages. Our comprehensive dataset of 100M+ local cost benchmarks from our partner and global healthcare consulting firm, Milliman, means cost estimates are more accurate.
No more waiting around to get an answer back or meet with HR. DecisionIQ is available 24/7 right within the shopping experience for instant guidance via phone, laptop or our mobile app.
Reinventing how employees choose and use benefits
ALEX from Jellyvision
The world of benefits is hard. It’s time for something better than options that fail to deliver and waste countless millions on unused resources. ALEX delights and guides employees to make better benefits decisions for a more prosperous future.

ALEX has a one-on-one conversation with employees to understand their needs and make personalized benefits recommendations for the year ahead right within the PlanSource platform

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Empower smarter, more confident benefit decisions with our prescriptive, AI-powered decisions engine
Empower Your Employees to Make Smart Decisions
Discover how AI and machine learning based tools like DecisionIQ are making it easier for HR teams to improve employees’ benefit understanding and their overall benefits shopping experience.