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Why PlanSource
Traditional benefits administration isn’t good enough anymore. Here’s why:
PlanSource goes beyond your core benefits administration solution. We create wildly successful customers by investing in innovation and solving fundamental benefit needs differently from other providers. With PlanSource, you get employee engagement, communications management, decision support and a partner that grows with you supporting your needs as you focus on recruitment and retention of top talent.
PlanSource for Employers
We enable employers to achieve better engagement, deliver greater returns and save 25% of HR time through AI/ML innovations
PlanSource for Brokers
We partner with brokers so they can stay competitive by providing top-tier software while still allowing brokers to keep 100% of commissions
PlanSource for Resellers
Over 50% of PlanSource customers are implemented and supported by our growing community of reseller partners
A Core Benefit Platform + Engagement and Utilization Features

Core platforms deliver cost savings and reduce administrative time. PlanSource elevates your benefits administration by increasing employee engagement, benefits education and utilization to drive healthier outcomes and better business results.

Employee Engagement
Consume benefits information, company initiatives and HR communications all conveniently in the palm of your hand
Decision Support
Enhance the shopping and enrollment experience with your personalized benefit “best match” for smarter decisions 100% of the time
Dependent Verification
Reduce risk, avoidable costs and time spent on dependent verifications with DependentIQ
Data and Analytics
Simplify reporting by pre-aggregating and pre-visualizing your data so that you can focus on decision making
Carrier Integrations
Partner with the most complete list of voluntary and specialty carrier integrations in the market
Elevate your benefits offerings with curated solutions in multiple categories including Identity Theft, Pet Insurance and Disease Management Programs
An Engagement Solution for Employers and HR Leaders
Benefits are the second largest spend next to salary, but employees don’t know where to find, use and maximize them. At a time when attracting and retaining talent is paramount, you need a benefits engagement partner to scale your retention and recruitment strategies. With PlanSource, your employees will:
Stay informed
on company news and benefit information with real-time communications for you and your team
Access and utilize
their benefits, programs and solutions you are providing to them right when they need to
in the additional programs you’ve invested in, yet often sit outside OE and go overlooked
Be more engaged
at a lower cost to employers throughout the entire year rather than just 15 minutes at OE
Our Implementation Experience
In order to have a successful ben admin experience, you need the right strategy and implementation partner to maximize your technology investment. With PlanSource, you’ll have over 170 years of industry experience dedicated to getting you set up, launched and enjoying return on investment immediately.
Clear Expectations and Communication
Extensive Training and Enablement
Experienced Guidance and Best Practices
Managed Services
Get time back and reduce budget pressure with customizable, fully managed Benefit Services solutions, scaled to your team and budget. Our team is dedicated to your success – choose the benefit services you need to reach your goals:
Employee Contact Center
Billing Reconciliation and Payment
HSA/HRA/FSA Administration
COBRA Administration
Employee Communications
Dependent Verification
Benefits Outsourcing
A Compelling Benefits Platform for Brokers
Attract employers with a differentiated approach to benefits built on engagement, data and insights, and a comprehensive carrier and benefits partner ecosystem. Retain clients, gain a competitive edge and enjoy a full commission rate with PlanSource.
A Trusted Broker Model
A business model designed with brokers in mind – 100% of commissions go back to your business with opportunity to increase at scale
Customizable Platform

Curate personalized benefit packages supplemented by modern API integrations for your employer groups based on their unique needs

Data and Insights

InsightsIQ gives you visibility into how your groups are performing and running for more effective claim cost management

Benefits Utilization

Leverage a communication, awareness and education-based approach to increase participation and utilization in your groups with The Source

Access to New Opportunities
Through PlanSource software, automation and enrollment process, we help brokers find new prospects and increase commissions
Discover Unique Benefits

Our innovative technology paired with Boost and Marketplace have increased voluntary enrollment by 11%

Join our Growing Reseller Community
We have clients that are really large that have the Workday platform, for example, but yet they use PlanSource for their ben admin because not only does PlanSource do a great job with ben admin but it flows data seamlessly with other platforms. To me, it’s one of the best systems in the market.

Chief Executive Officer, ProCo Insurance Services

The Technology and Independence Resellers Need
PlanSource’s reseller partners have the independence to manage all aspects of the customer relationship backed by our support when you need it. We partner directly with brokers, enrollment firms, value-added technology partners, HCM companies and TPAs to provide best-in-class benefits and engagement solutions to your customers.
Manage Your Employer Groups
A business model that puts you in the driver’s seat to implement, support and renew your customers with our best-in-class platform and tools
Dedicated Support Team
Access to both start up and ongoing training, sales and marketing support, and learning and development courses to achieve success
Improve Benefits Engagement
Maintain a competitive edge in the market with an engagement solution that allows you to address your customers’ key pain-points
Customize Our Software to Your Brand
White-label PlanSource technology and tools via a configurable interface to meet your branding requirements and incorporate your content
Join our Growing Reseller Community
Choose Your Own Adventure with PlanSource
PlanSource offers flexibility to scale your support model right to your employer groups’ needs. Whether you require full benefits outsourcing or just a few add-on services, marketing and sales support or just the white-labeled platform, you can customize their experience to fit their unique needs.
Our team provides reseller partners with dedicated account managers to fully support our nuanced and complex relationship to power success. Our unique support model guides you through implementation and problem solving along the way.

PlanSource’s robust initial and ongoing training methodology includes a 5-day course, monthly webinars and 24/7 access to our reseller training center within PlanSource University.

Sales and Marketing Resources
Whether or not you have an internal marketing team supporting the platform, PlanSource also has resources and teams available. We can help you create marketing collateral, build your pipeline and field sales support to help you generate more opportunities.
Strategic Alignment Opportunities
Dedicated to your success, PlanSource hosts quarterly business reviews and weekly tactical meetings to monitor performance and minimize obstacles. Additionally, our advocacy programs, Elite Advisory Board and Reseller Roundtable, create a forum for feedback and collaborations to ensure we are all well aligned.
Innovation and Differentiation
From an engagement platform and decision support to API integrations and data insight tools, PlanSource has everything you need to set both yourself and your employer groups up for success beyond everyday ben admin.
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