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Billing Reconciliation & Payment
Eliminate time-consuming monthly reconciliations
Let us Handle Monthly Carrier Billing on Your Behalf
Stressed out about billing? We’ve got you covered. From gathering monthly carrier bills, calculating self-reported totals, handling payments to insurance carriers, and resolving issues, PlanSource can manage your carrier billing end-to-end. Have higher confidence in your data and more time to focus on strategic initiative by outsourcing to us.

Case Study: Strategic Materials

Strategic Materials saves one week per month by outsourcing billing to PlanSource

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At PlanSource, we believe that the best way to build a better benefits experience is by combining best-in-class software with a range of high-touch benefit services.

Sustainable Benefits

Hear first-hand why Strategic Materials decided to outsource their benefits and how they saved time, resources and employee communications efficiency as a result.
What’s Included in our Billing Service?

Bill Handling

Whether it’s a self-bill or list-bill, we’ll take care of it

Invoice Consolidation

Clients get one bill showing everyone who needs to be paid

Payment Simplification

Employers pay us and we’ll pay everyone on your behalf

Discrepancy Resolution

All list bills are audited and any issues with carriers resolved
PlanSource manages all the tedious functions of benefits administration for me so I can spend my time on other value-added areas. Billing reconciliation alone is worth the cost of this platform! No other platform offers this service.


Benefits and Wellness Specialist, BPM
Get the peace of mind you need by outsourcing your billing & reconciliation to PlanSource
Let us handle these tedious tasks for you not only to put time back in your day, but to reduce stress by minimizing risk. Our team will audit all list bills and ensure any issues with carriers are resolved, all on your behalf.

Save Time

Let someone else sync-up the bills to ensure correct payments.

Reduce Stress

Stop tedious comparisons between enrollment and carrier records.

Minimize Risk

Ensure correct premium payments are made to insurance carriers.

Trust Your Data

We ensure eligibility and billing match the enrollment data in our system.
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