Benefits shopping made simple
Optimize your benefits shopping experience with software designed to drive employee engagement, plan participation and more confident benefits decisions
An Optimized Shopping Experience for Employees
Mobile Friendly
Make it easy for employees to shop for and enroll in benefits right from their phones. Start shopping for benefits in your browser and finish enrolling from our free mobile app – the entire experience is optimized for mobile to go anywhere you do.
Streamlined Workflows
Benefits are confusing. Our online workflows, simplified explanations and embedded decision support tools simplify and streamline the shopping experience, so employees better understand their benefits options and the best elections for their needs … saving HR a lot of time and questions.
Shopping Cart
Shop for and compare all of your benefits offerings – and see the total cost impact to your monthly paycheck – within one system, including medical, dental/vision and all voluntary plans.
Single Sign On
No more asking HR to reset your ben admin login. With PlanSource, benefits are connected to your HRIS, so employees have easy, direct access via a system they’re more likely to be in day-to-day.
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It’s just like Amazon! Our associates love the self-service and being able to review the educational videos and benefit guides on their own.

Benefits and Leave Specialist, Heinen’s Grocery Stores

It was a great open enrollment for my client – their HR team and employees love PlanSource! Everybody bought into tech this year, and we improved participation in several key areas.

Assistant Vice President, USI

Our employees get on PlanSource constantly to check their benefits and answer their own questions. They love the educational videos and that it’s mobile-friendly, since 70% of our staff works in the field.

SVP of Human Capital, The CORE Group

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Empower More Confident Benefits Decisions for Your Employees

Educational Content

Personalize the shopping experience by adding videos, documents, tools and messages that vary based on demographics, location, family status, benefit plan and other factors.

Cost Calculations

Filter plans based on out-of-pocket maximums, premiums, deductibles and more, plus see per-paycheck costs by plan and across all benefit elections with hyper-localized costs data from DecisionIQ.

Side-by-side Plan Comparisons

Shop for and compare plans of your benefits offerings – and see the total cost impact to your monthly paycheck – within one system, including medical, dental/vision and all voluntary plans.

Personalized Suggestions

Help employees understand the best-fit plans and coverage levels for them, based on our AI/ML recommendation engine plus employees’ preferences inputs, peer statistics and expected usage.

Save HR Hours with a Simpler, Streamlined Shopping Experience

Optimized Page Templates

Save time and maximize plan participation rates by using our pre-optimized page templates developed for each Boost carrier partner and product.

Proactive Support
Drive employee benefits understanding with engaging and proactive communication campaigns that minimize the number of questions your HR team gets during OE.
Advanced Eligibility Rules
Ensure employees only see the benefits they’re eligible for, with advanced configurability and automatic rule enforcement for your unique rules, populations and business workflows.
Easy Set Up
Our guided renewal tool makes it super simple to add and update your benefits plans at annual renewal, giving HR leaders greater flexibility, better visibility into YOY changes and more time back in their day.
5 hours
Time saved per employee per year
Employees enrolling without any HR help
10 HR staff
Resources freed up each OE season
2 hours
HR time saved per new hire enrollment
Ready to See Results Like These?

3 Benefits Technology Success Stories

Hear first-hand from 3 PlanSource customers on the different ways they’re using technology to drive benefits enrollments, save HR admin time and uncover cost savings.

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Customer Success Story:
The CORE Group

See how The CORE Group uses PlanSource to automate time-consuming ben admin tasks and provide a mobile-friendly open enrollment experience to a workforce that’s highly dispersed and rapidly growing.

Demo: Employee Mobile App Experience

Get a first-hand feel of how easy our free mobile app makes it for employees to shop for and manage benefits on the go.

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