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Add-on Benefit Services

Free up your HR team to focus on the bigger picture

Do More With Less

PlanSource Benefit Services provide value to HR teams that are consistently being asked to do more with less. HR teams are often understaffed and overworked relative to their role and impact to a company. To assist with this burden, our services provide relief by performing benefits administration tasks so your team can focus on more strategic priorities.


Do More With Less

Your company and your employees need you more than ever. Outsourcing admin tasks allows over-extended HR teams to focus on higher-value tasks, not administrative ones.


Leverage the Experts

Delegate tedious admin and compliance tasks to a partner with benefits-specific expertise and that’s solely focused on managing employee benefits and procedures.


Increase Employee Satisfaction

Help employees get more out of their benefits by leaning on our team to provide personalized enrollment guidance, answer benefits questions and advocate for your employees year-round.


Control Risk

We’ll help you comply with government regulations, as well as your own internal policies and procedures, so you can worry less about compliance.

What We Offer
Employee Contact Center

Our contact center team is a group of highly trained and responsive U.S.-based professionals who help enroll employees, answer how-to questions and advocate on their behalf.

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