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Do more with less
Whether you’re in the C-Suite or in the day-to-day weeds, PlanSource helps HR and Benefits teams do their jobs more effectively, with solutions that give you clear visibility into benefit program performance and hours back in your day.
How PlanSource Benefits HR Teams
Eliminate manual and time-consuming ben admin tasks
Free up your team to focus on more strategic HR initiatives, with powerful platform configurability and integrations that automate the administrative tasks that eat up your day
25% HR team time saved with automation
5 hours Time saved per employee per year
Maximize the value employees get from their benefits
With personalized communication and decision support solutions, PlanSource helps time-strapped HR teams drive better benefit awareness, understanding and adoption with less effort
2 hours Time saved per new hire with educational videos
+14% Average increase in voluntary plans participation
Get oversight across your entire benefits program
Control costs and compliance with advanced platform configurability and end-to-end workflow automation – plus HR analytics dashboards for better visibility and tracking
17x Average cost savings from dependent verification solutions
5% Reduction in monthly premium costs
Keep benefits data secure and in sync
Ensure data integrity and HR efficiency with real-time APIs and data integrations that keep all of your plans, carriers and systems in sync with your broader HR techscape.
700+ Unique systems PlanSource integrates with
1 week Time saved per month reconciling carrier bills
HR Leaders
Understand and maximize the business impact of your employee benefits program
Get visibility into program performance and KPIs with HR Analytics Dashboards
Cost Savings
Lower and control the cost of offering employee benefits
Encourage Interaction
Deliver an amazing and engaging employee experience
Keep HR staff focused on high-value, strategic tasks
Integrate best-in-class benefits tech into your larger HR/Employee ecosystem
Improve employee recruitment and retention efforts
PlanSource has proven they really are experts in benefits, customer service and software. They easily save us 1 week per month that we can now put toward more strategic initiatives.

Courtney Scardino

Regional HR Business Partner, Strategic Materials

Benefits Managers
Automate and simplify every aspect of benefits management for admins and employees