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Incredibly simple benefits billing
Save time and money each month with easy, automated benefits billing and reconciliation tools in PlanSource
Automated Benefits Billing with PlanSource
Save Time
Drastically cut the amount of time it takes to generate, audit and reconcile benefits bills each month.
Lower Premium Costs
Easily resolve carrier billing discrepancies and errors to avoid overpaying on premiums and lower your total monthly bill.
Greater Oversight
Get full transparency into your benefits billing process and spend, and make more informed decisions.
Minimize Risk
Reduce non-compliance and liability risks, and make sure premiums get paid so employees don’t lose coverage.
Flexibility for Every Benefits Bill
Carrier List Billing
Create and view list bills for each carrier, and group your bill however you want. We’ll calculate monthly invoices based on enrollment data in PlanSource and each carrier’s unique wash rules, so it’s super easy to compare and reconcile carrier-provided bills each month.
Self Billing
With PlanSource, you can easily generate self bills that include invoice summaries organized by carrier, benefit or plan name, along with detailed member, enrollment and payment info for that period.
Carrier & Self Billing
If you’re managing a mix of self bills and carrier list bills each month, we’ll help you consolidate and streamline your process, with tools that auto-generate list bills and self bills using enrollment data in PlanSource.
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PlanSource transformed tasks that would take weeks or months for thousands of employees to just minutes.

Benefits and Welfare Specialist, BPM

If we didn’t have PlanSource, I wouldn’t have the time to do any strategic work … we would need one or two more of me. We’re saving money, because these two people would have to be solely focused on what PlanSource does for us.

Senior Benefits Specialist, MetroHealth

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What We Do
Automatic Bill Creation
Generate consolidated carrier list bills and self bills each month that make it easy to compare enrollment vs. cost data and identify where you might be over- or underpaying.
Data Export
You may export your invoices in a variety of formats including CSV, XLS or PDF. You can also choose whether you want a separate row for each benefit or by employee.
Carrier Bill Previews
Run a bill preview from carriers in advance of your final monthly bill, so you can make changes prior to the carrier’s cutoff date. Run them on-demand or schedule them to run on a certain day of the month.
Detailed Cost Breakdowns
View enrollment and cost data across all lines of coverage, divisions and employee populations. Then, drill down by specific carrier, plan name, group/location, FEIN and individual member.
Invoice Summary
View current and past monthly bills organized by carrier or benefit and that include the total number of employees enrolled, premiums and fees, sum of adjustments, and final amount due.
Monthly Adjustments
Easily see any relevant adjustments that have been made for the billing period – such as retroactive enrollment or plan adjustments – at the bottom of the Billing Roster report.
Remittance Statements
Set up remittance statements that are grouped & subtotaled according to your need. You can show breakdowns by employee status, cost center, employee classification or GL code.
Wash Rule Calculations
PlanSource calculates and reconciles list bills according to carrier-specific wash rules for retroactive and mid-month changes, prorating premiums for new hires and terminations and more.
Eliminate Monthly Billing Headaches Completely
Free up your HR team to focus on the bigger picture by letting our team handle all of your benefits billing processes for you.
When you use any Boost carrier product, we’ll automatically pay Boost carrier bills for you each month and you’ll pay PlanSource directly.
Integrated Efficiency
PlanSource generates monthly bills from the same system housing your enrollment and eligibility data, for a super-streamlined process that leaves less room for error and more time for everything else you’d rather be doing.
Pay Exactly What You Owe
Powerful, consolidated billing tools automatically calculate any credits and adjustments based on carrier wash rules and billing rules for each plan, so you can be confident your subtotal is really your subtotal each month.
Automatic Rule Enforcement
Ensure bills accurately reflect benefit elections and enrollment data across your entire organization with tools to consistently and automatically enforce your business rules.
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