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Dependent Verification with DependentIQ

Reduce benefit costs with AI-driven eligibility verification

Why Automate Dependent Eligibility Verification?

Ineligible dependents cost businesses millions of dollars in annual health plan expenses. Rather than implementing cost-cutting measures like reducing benefits or increasing co-pays (which employees are not fans of), dependent verification can identify those individuals who are not eligible to participate in a company’s benefit plan.
Save Money

Reduce monthly medical premium costs for fully-insured plans and total monthly claims costs for self-insured plans.

Improve Compliance

Improve compliance with your Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs), HR policies and custom business rules.

Minimize Risk

Reduce your company’s stop-loss exposure and litigation risks related to ERISA, Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulations.

Overall, our dependent audit was a huge success and upon its conclusion, the savings to the district was 7x what was projected.

Lisa Steed

Employee Benefits Supervisor, Grand Rapids Public Schools

Key DependentIQ Features

Powered by AI and ML technology, PlanSource manages the dependent verification process from end-to-end. DependentIQ recognizes required documents such as birth and marriage certificates and instantly detects and validates key data elements to enable real-time verification at enrollment or during post-enrollment audits.​

Configurable Document Request Rules

Determine what documents are required, by whom and when. Whatever your rules, DependentIQ automates the process of verifying eligibility at initial new-hire enrollment, open enrollment and life event changes.

Automated Rule Enforcement at Enrollment

Build on top of our default rule sets to customize approval rules by document type, job role, seniority, employee population and more, so you can control the experience and where coverage is enacted.

AI-Powered Image Recognition & Review

DependentIQ uses advanced image recognition and AI/ML technology to automatically recognize and verify uploaded employee documents for eligibility requirements – providing instant results and eliminating 70% of HR admin intervention.

Consolidated Work Queue for Document Review

View all verification activities and information from a single screen, including all manual document approval requests. Any custom required documents that can’t be automatically verified will appear here for easy, centralized approval.

Analytics Dashboard to Monitor Dependent Status

A simple and actionable verification dashboard combines all verification activities into a single view, including real-time savings calculations, so you have greater visibility into the status, KPIs and ROI of dependent verification services.

Built-in Employee Communications Templates

We’ll handle all communication with employees, keeping your HR team out of the weeds and out of uncomfortable interactions that could result in employee resentment, disengagement or negative culture impacts.

How DependentIQ Works
We pair powerful AI/ML technology in DependentIQ with our suite of verification services for end-to-end eligibility verification management your team never has to touch. Choose to perform an initial full audit in addition ‘always-on’ technology that verifies eligibility at every new hire enrollment, annual open enrollment and life event change.
Initial Full Audit
Our team performs a comprehensive audit of your entire covered workforce and manages the process end to end for you. We’ll identify all enrolled dependents, print and/or send verification letters, request and verify documentation, and remove any ineligible dependents.
Ongoing Verification
When new dependents are added, we’ll automatically verify eligibility through our DependentIQ instant verification technology. Our services team will manually review any documents that could not be automatically verified, and we will handle all of the related employee communications for you.

How Our Dependent Verification Software Helps


Reduce Costs

Reduce medical premiums for fully-insured plans and claims costs for self-insured plans


Save Time

Upfront verification provides faster feedback and eliminates the need to remove dependents later


Enforce Compliance

Improve compliance with your Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs), HR policies and rules


Minimize Risk

Reduce stop-loss exposure and litigation risk related to ERISA, Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulations


Accelerate ROI

With DependentIQ, we’re able to cut average time-to-audit by 60%, helping you see cost savings sooner

Savings Calculator

How much could you save with automated dependent verification? Try our interactive calculator to see how an investment in DependentIQ can drive measurable impacts for monthly premium costs & HR time saved.


Annual savings per ineligible dependent


Total manual HR admin time/effort saved


Overall dependents found ineligible in audit


Average 3-year ROI on DependentIQ

DependentIQ Product Details

Download an overview of PlanSource DependentIQ and how our instant dependent eligibility verification can eliminate manual HR work and unnecessary monthly premiums.

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Automated Dependent Verification: How Much Could You Save?

Join our webinar to learn how AI and automation are making instant, ‘always-on’ dependent verification a thing. Discover your potential time and cost-savings, plus get a first-hand demo of our new DependentIQ tool.

Case Study: Grand Rapids Public Schools

See how this large public school system outsourced its dependent eligibility audit to PlanSource and uncovered nearly $1M in plan savings in its initial full audit alone.

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