Automated Dependent Verification
How Much Could You Save with AI-Powered Eligibility Verification?

Most companies end up covering employees and dependents on their benefits plans that they shouldn’t … and HR teams don’t have the time or internal resources to determine who’s really eligible and who should be removed. Dependent eligibility verification is often a one-time, pain-staking process for HR teams to manage in-house and can quickly lead to tension and turnover with employees if not done right.

But what if you could automate all of the manual steps and instantly verify dependents at the time of enrollment? Watch this on-demand webinar to discover how new automation and AI advances – like our own DependentIQ – all work to ease this eligibility verification stress. You’ll see first-hand how you can use automated dependent verification to reduce hidden costs, labor-intensive processes and awkward situations.

You will learn:
What current solutions exist to address issues with eligibility verification and automation
How automating dependent verification can reduce HR admin work and unnecessary premium costs each month
Why you need ongoing dependent verification as well as a comprehensive initial audit
How AI technology in DependentIQ works to instantly verify dependents in a detailed product demo
Katie Smith
Benefits Solution Consultant, PlanSource
As a Solutions Consultant for the Northeast, Katie helps companies shape their benefits strategies and build a better benefits and HR experience for HR teams, employees and their families. Katie brings a wealth of experience as a former project manager to her role and thrives with solutioning to specific client goals. She graduated from Grand Valley State University.

Bryce Deneen

Director of Product Management, PlanSource

Leading Product Management for PlanSource, Bryce is responsible for bringing new and innovative offerings to market that increase customer engagement and the overall value customers see from the platform. Bryce brings broad experience in product creation, development, support, and implementation in the HR, Payroll, Fintech, and Workforce Management spaces – including leadership roles at Ultimate Software and ADP.

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