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Professional Plastics
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Professional Plastics – where technology wins over paper

In 2017, PlanSource arrived with a much-needed technology solution, moving the company entirely off of paper and into the digital world. “Switching from paper to an online ben admin makes the entire enrollment process so much slicker,” Joe explains, “With 440 employees, getting open enrollment information out is so much easier, our employees are familiar with the platform and we just don’t have too many enrollment challenges anymore.”

“PlanSource is a very sophisticated ben admin system, and it’s nice to have support on the back end as well. It integrates with our benefits info website and is easy to use for our employees.”
– Joe Daigneault,
Human Resources Director
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Mobile Friendly
Not everyone has access to a laptop or desktop computer. And with the majority of workers still working remote, employees need to be able to enroll in and manage their benefits wherever they are.
Employee Engagement Blog
Too many employees are disengaged and not just when it comes to benefits. It’s imperative that employers keep up with evolving technology and consider implementing an engagement platform.
Enrollment Experience
Streamlined workflows and real-time integrations deliver a mobile-friendly enrollment experience that maximizes employee engagement and saves HR tons of time.
About Professional Plastics
Since 1984, Professional Plastics has operated as a family-owned business, working as a distributor and fabricator of mechanical and high-performance plastics. Creating items used in aerospace, the medical field, and food processing, Professional Plastics has successfully grown to a business of nearly 450 employees operating in 20 branches and 3 different countries.