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Bloomfield Hills School District
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Save 3 critical work weeks a year with benefits outsouring
With PlanSource, time-draining walk-in enrollment meetings that disrupt HR productivity have dropped significantly, as employees can access all the information they need online. Their Benefits Coordinator says that this has allowed her to catch up on her backlog and focus on other critical aspects of her job.
“If on vacation or traveling, yes teachers will still contact me on vacation, I can resolve almost anything virtually and fast.”
– Sarah Dare,
Benefits Coordinator
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Premium Benefits Outsourcing
Our benefits outsourcing services include employee contact center, billing reconciliation and payment, COBRA administration, and more so you can free up time to focus on key strategic items in your to-do list.
Benefits Outsourcing Blog
What is Benefits Outsourcing and is it right for you? Keep reading as we define what benefits outsourcing is, the reasons why businesses opt for it and what benefits are ideal for outsourcing.
Enrollment Experience
Streamlined workflows and real-time integrations deliver a mobile-friendly enrollment experience that maximizes employee engagement and saves HR tons of time.
About Bloomfield Hills School District
Bloomfield Hills School District is an exceptional school system located in Oakland County, employing around 1,000 employees. Earning the Niche Award for #1 school district in Michigan, Bloomfield Hills proudly maintains exemplary teaching standards in which nearly 80% of
the educators hold a masters or doctorate degree. With a high bar for success, Bloomfield Hills School District has faithfully partnered with PlanSource since 2010 to ensure that the bar is cleared, without exception.




Oakland County, MI


Approx. 1,000