PlanSource University

A fun, engaging and convenient way to make the most of your benefits technology investment. Explore webinars, guides, best practices and more with our custom training portal.

Your Learning Journey Starts Here

PlanSource University offers a centralized location for all your learning needs to be set for success! Our courses are a mix of self-paced learning and on-demand webinars, making it easy for you to advance at your own pace, on your own schedule. Get started today by logging in to your benefits portal and selecting "PlanSource University" from the left-hand menu.


Browse the full catalog of courses to find what you need. The courses include videos and articles on relevant topics.


Peruse our collection of short, self-paced lessons that cover individual topics or tasks you want to tackle right away.


Access our full library of pre-recorded webinars or register for an upcoming live webinar.


Our engaging, self-paced training materials cover a variety of topics to help you make the most of your investment in PlanSource. Modules and materials cover everything from benefits administration, data exchange, benefits billing and reconciliation, hiring and onboarding, employee communications and so much more.

Incentivized Learning

We make learning fun through engaging and interactive features, like our points and badges system. You’ll earn points for each course you successfully complete and unlock specialty badges for reaching milestones. Your dashboard will pull in stats for employees across the company so you can keep tabs on progress across the organization.

Communities—Available Now!

Have you ever wanted to connect with fellow PlanSource users to discuss platform FAQs, industry trends and changes, and other HR tech stuff? If so, you’re in luck! Our communities forum just launched to help you connect with likeminded benefits professionals. Users are now automatically enrolled in relevant forums. You'll see the new communities tab in the PlanSource University navigation. Check it out!

Idea Space

Have an idea? Share, vote for and comment on ideas within this group to influence the PlanSource product roadmap.

HR Community

Collaborate and connect with other human resources experts and teams across the PlanSource network.

Reseller Community

Collaborate and connect with other partners across the PlanSource network who deliver and support the PlanSource platform.

Broker Community

Collaborate and connect with other benefits brokers and insurance agents across the PlanSource network.

Why PlanSource University?

Ask and you shall receive! We heard feedback from our users that they needed additional support and resources on how to best use our platform. So, we launched PlanSource University to fill that gap and help you make the most out of your technology investment.

PlanSource University can be used for:

Continuing education and on-the-job training

On-demand product and platform training

Stay on top of the latest platform updates

Empower your HR team to use PlanSource

Build and broaden your career in HR and benefits

Engage with other PlanSource users

Accessing PlanSource University

Access to the PlanSource University portal is limited to existing PlanSource customers. The great news is—the training portal is provided free of charge!

To access, simply log in to the benefits administration portal and select 'PlanSource University' from the left-hand drop-down menu.

If you have trouble logging in or accessing the University portal, please contact your account manager or support for assistance.

*PlanSource University is not currently available to white-labeled customers. 

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