Reseller Training Program
A proven, in-depth initial training program that brings your team of experts up-to-speed fast and provides ongoing education opportunities
To be successful, you need more than a great platform. You need a proven partner that is there to guide you through your journey. That’s why PlanSource has an enablement team dedicated to ensuring that your team gets up and running quickly so you can maximize the return on your technology investment.

You’ll begin with our 5-day Reseller Foundations course, and then you’ll join monthly webinars and access the dedicated reseller training center within PlanSource University whenever you are ready to master a particular topic. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in our Reseller Roundtable.

Get familiar with the system and what to expect
Join engaging sessions with opportunities to ask questions
Get plenty of practice to retain what you’ve learned
Continued education to keep you up to date with changes
Initial Training
We designed our training program to enable Resellers to activate their customers on the PlanSource platform and manage them on an ongoing basis. The program includes a 5-day Reseller Foundations course, which helps your team of technology experts develop a complete understanding of how to navigate the PlanSource system effectively and troubleshoot issues that may arise during the configuration process.
Check out this sample agenda for the Reseller Foundations course:
A Balance Between Instructor-Led Content and Self Discovery
Once you have registered for training, you will receive an email with instructions on how to begin your self-directed learning. You’ll complete your prerequisite learning within PlanSource University, an online learning center with educational courses and resources designed specifically for resellers. Once you’ve completed the required courses, feel free to explore other PlanSource University courses.
Virtual Sessions
Our most frequent and flexible option is the online virtual training.
In-Person Sessions at PlanSource
We host periodic training sessions at PlanSource World Headquarters in Orlando, Florida and our location in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. For now, we’ve put a hold on these in-person sessions but we look forward to adding these back to the schedule soon!
In-Person Session at Your Location
If you have more than 4 people to be trained, we may be able to hold the training at one of your locations. This assumes that your training facility includes all the right equipment and that our trainers are available. We’ve put a temporary hold on in-person sessions for now due to Covid.
Ongoing Training
Training doesn’t stop when you’ve completed the Reseller Foundations course! We offer Reseller partners ongoing training and assistance as needed, and an opportunity to attend monthly training webinars with other PlanSource reseller partners who support and advise customers on their day-to-day use of the PlanSource system.
Reseller Roundtable
The Reseller Roundtable provides a forum for PlanSource to train its power users and keep them up-to-date on the latest information so they can create wildly successful customers.
Be In The Know
Stay up-to-date on what’s happening at PlanSource and establish relationships with PlanSource leaders
Let Your Voice Be Heard
Influence the direction of the PlanSource strategy and product roadmap
Grow Your Network
Collaborate and network with other PlanSource power users and industry experts
Share Best Practices
Accelerate your success by learning from the knowledge and experience of other resellers

Reseller partners are invited to attend an annual in-person Reseller Roundtable meeting, where they have a chance to learn the latest about the PlanSource system, network with fellow Reseller partners and interact with PlanSource executives and product experts. Resellers can send an unlimited number of members to this session! This in-person session is usually held during the annual Eclipse conference, which has been postponed until 2022.

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