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Maximizing HR efficiency and managing COVID-19 needs by turning on the full power of their BenAdmin system



“There were so many features and resources in PlanSource that we weren’t using when I first joined. Now that we are, it’s been such a time saver for my HR team, as well as savings for the plan."

Tammy Valle, Director, HR Operations

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Tammy Valle was brought on just weeks before the Covid-19 Pandemic went into effect, and quickly had to get up to speed with Meruelo Group’s chosen benefits software: PlanSource. However, she quickly noticed that the true capabilities of the software were not being utilized and she quickly moved to implement changes to fully leverage the platform and increase efficiencies throughout her organization.

With more than 6,200 employees to keep track of across 21 companies in multiple states with varying employment laws, Tammy knew that maximizing PlanSource’s potential would be the way to succeed and effectively keep track of their employees.

  • Meruelo had PlanSource software in place but hadn’t yet turned on its full capabilities
  • Money was being wasted, because important aspects of employee claims were being missed
  • HR time was consumed by tasks that could have easily been automated through PlanSource



When Tammy joined Meruelo, she saw the potential Meruelo had with PlanSource to increase its technical strength and HR efficiency almost immediately ... and that meant cost savings. PlanSource’s reporting capabilities allowed Tammy to quickly gain insight into where Meruelo Group could lower costs – particularly around understanding certain populations like Medicare-eligible employees who might not realize their costs could be significantly lower than on the group plan.

The automated email and text message campaigns within PlanSource have been crucial for engaging employees and freeing up HR admins' time. Her team is saving 10% of their time just by automating communications for newly eligible employees alone – huge when serving 6,200+ employees with a lean HR team. “When I saw this functionality in the PlanSource system," Tammy said, "we just turned it on and it was ready to go.”

The PlanSource service team has also been a step above for Tammy. Combing innovative technology with superior service is helping Meruelo Group deliver effective benefits management, substantial cost savings, and informative communications. And with the PlanSource software now operating at full power, they're now driving maximum ROI on their benefits technology investments.

  • Employee self-service benefits management
  • Automated email and text campaigns to engage employees
  • Customized reporting identifies cost-saving opportunities
  • Powerful configuration allowed for a quick, custom COVID-19 solution



  • 25% HR Admin time saved with automation and employee self-service tools
  • Lower plan costs due to improved reporting and data accuracy
  • 10% HR time saved automating comms for newly eligible employees alone
  • Created COVID-19 solve in PlanSource to furlough 5,000+ employees

Downey, CA

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The Meruelo Group provides strategic consulting and business support services for companies across a wide range of industries, including construction, engineering, hospitality, gaming, and more. Having been a long-time partner with PlanSource since 2012, the company only recently started powering on the full capabilities of its PlanSource platform and have seen significant time- and cost-savings since.

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