7 Great Examples of Effective Text Message Campaigns for Employees

August 27, 2021
Kahley Czupek
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Mobile usage is a benefits trend that isn’t going away. This year we saw a 67% YOY increase in mobile access by employees during open enrollment alone. However, text messaging can be a great strategy for all campaigns – not just OE. Integrating text messaging in all campaigns can increase employee participation and communication effectiveness. We’ve rounded up some of the most unique text message campaigns that everyone can benefit from.

1. Open enrollment announcements and preparation

As we approach Q4, we know OE strategy is at the top of everyone’s mind. This is a great time to start including text messaging in your communications plan. Send reminders leading up to OE as well as reminders to enroll before the deadline throughout. You can even send a link for log-in instructions to make sure everyone is well prepared when it’s time to enroll.

Example text message: “Open enrollment begins this Friday, November 12. Click here for detailed information on our plans.”

2. Open enrollment deadline reminders

Once open enrollment begins, the reminders should continue to be sent out.  Automatically schedule your messages to go to anyone who hasn’t yet started or completed to remind them to do so before the deadline. Automated text messaging is significantly more efficient than pulling a report and sending each individual an email, allowing HR to focus their time and energy on other important tasks during OE.

Example text message: “Open Enrollment ends Dec. 14 @5:00pm. You must log on to benefits.plansource.com and elect or decline your benefits for 2021.”

3. Open enrollment meeting invites

Additionally, your OE text messages can be so much more than just reminders to enroll. It’s also a great way to share benefits information and remind employees to join OE events such as zoom meetings and webinars. Reminders over text won’t let the meeting links get buried in your employee’s inbox.

Example text message: “Open enrollment FAQ webinar Oct 21 @ 2:00pm. Follow this link & learn about your benefits options.”

4. Open enrollment educational resources

Text messaging is a great way to put important informational videos in the palm of your employees’ hand. Making it more convenient for employees means more people will actually hit play and you’ll have a well-informed workforce. This is a great strategy to help effectively educate your employees on all things benefits from different types of voluntary benefits to different types of medical plans. 

Example text message: “Open enrollment 2021: Watch this video to learn about your plan options and better understand the difference between HMOs, PPOs and HDHPs!” 

5. Year-round educational webinar invites

Open enrollment webinars aren’t the only events you can invite employees to via text. This can be a great strategy for year-round education on anything from retirement plans, financial planning or wellness strategies. Increase your attendance at these events by diversifying your communication channels to include texts. 

 Example text message: “401(k) Retirement Plan Webinar: Join via this link at 1:00pm” 

6. Important company-wide updates

Text messaging is the fastest way to send important updates such as server issues, building closures or inclement weather warnings. Employees are more likely to notice a text notification on their phone than another email in their inbox. This makes texting a great way to to send important updates and statuses of various things going on.  

 Example text message: “Email server is down. We are working on restoring the server and will update soon.” 

7. Ongoing benefit adoption and usage

Reminders other than OE can include seasonal events such as flu shot reminders, holiday well wishes and anything else you want to share with employees. This is a great opportunity to connect with employees and make them feel valued throughout the year. This is your chance to get creative and do something fun and meaningful! 

 Example text message: “Flu season is around the corner, click here for Covid19 & flu vaccination information” 

One of the biggest communication challenges HR teams face is breaking through the noise to make sure employees receive the information you’re sending out. By differentiating your communication strategy to include both text message campaigns and email, you can reach a broader audience. Additionally, multiple touches will make your message stick in employees’ minds, saving you from questions later. If you’re looking to revamp your communications but don’t know where to start, check our text and email communication templates. 

Want to see more?

Watch this demo to see how you can use built-in employee communication tools in PlanSource to send important information to employees through multiple channels. Looking for more great communication strategies to make your upcoming open enrollment more effective? Check out our custom communication add-on services that can take hours off your plate and leave a lasting impression for employees!

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