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Every company has unique rules for benefits documentation: what documents are required, who needs to supply them, when they are needed and in what form. Requirements may come from your insurance carrier or company policy, or may be mandated by legislative requirements. Whatever your rules are, PlanSource can help you manage the process of gathering required documentation - from notifying employees and uploading documents - to approving or declining coverage and securely storing completed forms. Documentation can be required during initial benefits enrollment, during open enrollment, or may be triggered by a life event.

How Documentation Management Works
(Life Event Example)

Step 1: Notification

After an employee sets up an adoption life event and adds her adopted child to her benefits, she’ll be notified that she needs to upload an adoption certificate.

Step 2:
Document Upload

When it’s convenient, she can upload the certificate to the system as a pdf, or take a picture on her mobile phone, and add it directly into PlanSource.

Step 3: HR Task List

The request goes to the HR team, who has a queue of employees who have submitted documentation for review and approval. PlanSource can hold all elections in a pended status until the approvals are complete.

Step 4: HR Review and Approval

HR can see the details of the request, review the attached adoption certificate and approve. The employee will receive an email confirmation letting her know that her documentation was received and approved.

See PlanSource Documentation Management in Action!

Take a look at how the document management process works in the context of an employee life event and in our mobile-responsive shopping and enrollment experience.


Life Event


Mobile Experience

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