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About the OE Communications Kit

Great open enrollment communications are essential to keep employees informed about their benefits choices and drive participation. And this year, HR teams are going to have to prepare for a fully digital open enrollment experience - no in-person meetings, no paper and no face-to-face enrollers.

But where to start? You've come to the right place. Use the free resources in this kit to build a full-scale communications campaign that educates and engages your employees.

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Apply Best Practices for a Smooth Open Enrollment

We’ve put together tips and best practices from experienced marketers to help you build an effective communications campaign for your open enrollment.

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Best Practices for Benefits Education Infographic

Best Practices for Benefits Communications Infographic

Communications Timeline

Planning is paramount when communicating about open enrollment. You’ll want to map out a steady cadence of communications via multiple channels to make sure everyone gets the message before, during and after OE. Use our suggested communications timeline filled with best practices to get you started!

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OE Digital Communications Package

If you need more customization and materials to boost your open enrollment communication efforts take a look at this pre-packaged bundle. PlanSource will help you create and design digital content (and video!) to engage and inform your workforce.

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Well-Designed Materials Get the Message Across

These customizable design templates incorporate an open enrollment theme and will help tie all your OE communications together.


Put a well-designed poster in your breakroom and other high-traffic locations to convey vital info and generate awareness of your upcoming open enrollment period.


Flyers put information about OE dates, login URL, meetings and more directly in your employees’ hands. You can also attach the flyer to an e-mail or post them in small spaces.


The Twitter of the 1930s, postcards are a great way to reach employees who are bombarded by email and will get your OE on spouses’ radar if sent to their homes.

OE Video Postcard

We’ve transformed the traditional postcard into a fresh and engaging (but cost effective) way to digitally announce your open enrollment to your employees.

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Email Templates

Our email templates for open enrollment cover everything you need to inform and motivate your employees, from benefits education to login instructions. The templates start with emails targeted to send two weeks prior to open enrollment, continue with daily reminders and finish with OE follow-up communications.

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Educational Videos

PlanSource has put together a library of short educational (and entertaining!) videos to explain commonly misunderstood concepts in health insurance, savings accounts, medical plan types, and voluntary benefits. The videos are available for free online and can be put right in the PlanSource system.

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In-system Messaging

One of the best places to put educational materials is right where your employees need them the most: right in the PlanSource system. You can customize each page of the benefits shopping and enrollment process with just the right messaging, and embed PlanSource educational videos as well. We’ve included some suggested messaging and videos for each page within the process – available in English and Spanish!

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Need Custom Employee Benefit Communications? 

PlanSource can provide custom websites, guidebooks, videos, postcards, brochures, total compensation statements that reflect your company's unique brand, culture and workforce.

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