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Voluntary and Lifestyle Benefits Appeal to All Generations

Offering more non-traditional benefits has become a trend that is here to stay

As organizations face a rapidly changing workforce, voluntary and lifestyle benefits have become a way to address ongoing challenges and workplace transformations. These unique employee benefits go beyond the traditional medical, dental and vision, making them a great way for employers to better meet the total wellbeing needs of their employees.

Evolving employee benefit needs

Which benefits are rising in popularity?

Financial Wellness

82% of employees believe employers should support their financial wellness

Family Planning

As more states enact family leave laws, more employees want family planning benefits

Women’s Health

The need for women’s health and fertility support benefits has increased significantly

Navigating the Benefits Ecosystem

Adding non-traditional benefits like lifestyle or point solutions this year?

Explore the options in our assessment tool to receive personalized recommendations of your best fit solutions and providers. Whether you’re looking to retain or attract talent, offering a benefit to suit everyone in your organization is a winning strategy.  

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