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Reaping the Benefits of Outsourcing: How Learning Care Group Connects Thousands of Employees to Benefits Education and Enrollment

Join Director of Compensation & Benefits, Jamie Higdon, in a free webinar in which she will tell the Learning Care Group story - why they decided to outsource their benefits, the challenges they were facing that PlanSource was able to help them solve, and their roadmap for the future of their benefits strategy.
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Exponential Healthcare: How machine learning, AI, and blockchain will affect your healthcare spend and your employees

New technologies are poised to fundamentally change the HR industry as we know it. Just as the smartphone revolutionized the way we communicate, machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain will reshape all areas of HR.
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More Than “Likes”: Using Social Media to Improve Benefits Enrollment, Employee Engagement & Recruiting

Employers know an appealing benefits package can be a powerful tool to attract and retain quality employees, but that package goes to waste if they aren’t effectively communicating the value of their offerings.
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Fit Matters! Find your Benefits Technology Match

Like people, no two organizations are the same. They are complex entities with unique personalities, varied beliefs, specific incentives, and (often unspoken) operational realities. Despite the uniqueness of companies, the RFP – a prescriptive, arms-length, requirements-centric tool – is often employed as a common, one-size-fits-all way of selecting your benefits technology provider.
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See how fit matters… but first!

A Benefits Technology Sales Primer: What Brokers and Insurance Carriers Need to Know 

Technology is changing the way that benefits are bought, sold and managed. In this webinar, we will explore common pitfalls for brokers and carriers when choosing a benefits technology partner, and the system requirements to look for when comparing different technologies.

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Mobile-Friendly Benefits Technology: Strategies to Update Your Benefits Program to a Mobile World

In this webinar, we will discuss the role that mobile devices play in the benefits and HR world. It’s key for any consumer-facing website to be mobile responsive, and it’s increasingly important for HR administrators to implement mobile enrollment and text messaging into their strategic benefits program.
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Recruit Top Talent with Innovative Employee Benefits

Organizations across all industries and various sizes are struggling to recruit, retain and engage team members. With over 60% of millennials surveyed saying they are currently open to new opportunities, competition to win and keep great talent is at an all-time high.
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Top 5 Employee Benefits Strategies
to Try in 2018

The new year presents the perfect chance to switch things up in your benefits strategy. Get a fresh start by taking a hard look at your employee benefits program and identifying key areas that need improvement. Whether it’s finding ways to cut costs, enhance your benefits offerings, or improve employee communications, it’s a great time to try something new.

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What HR Experts Need to Know Today

As the hiring landscape becomes more and more competitive, a strategic benefits package can be a huge advantage. In fact, SHRM’s latest Employee Benefits report showed that almost one-third of organizations increased their overall benefits offerings in the last year.

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Dependent Eligibility Audit Guide

10 Reasons Why Leading Employers Verify Dependents to Reduce Cost and Eliminate Risk

It’s expensive to offer an employee benefits program, especially when there are dependents on your rolls that are ineligible. Rather than implementing cost-cutting measures like reducing benefits or increasing co-pays, dependent eligibility audits can identify those individuals who are not eligible to participate in a company’s benefit plan.

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Online Total Compensation Statements

A better way to showcase your employee benefits investment

It’s easy for employees to forget the full investment that a company is putting into them and their work. With online total compensation statements, you can give your employees an interactive view into the investment you are making in them, without the hassle of printing and mailing.

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The Gig Economy

How It's Changing the Benefits Landscape

It is harder than ever for employers to find talent, and many companies are using contract/gig workers to supplement their full-time workforce. Most recent studies estimate between 20-30% of working Americans are considered gig or independent workers. Ultimate Software's Anna Turner and Ginny Drinker will share insights on how to make the gig economy work for you and how this trend is changing the benefits landscape.

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The ACA Saga

Where It’s Been, Where It Is Today, and Where It Might Go

The Affordable Care Act was one of the largest and most far-reaching pieces of legislation in modern times. While its future is uncertain, it seems safe to say that it will be around (in some form) for years to come.

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Navigating Open Enrollment

Best Practices and Practical Tools for OE Communications

Open enrollment can be a lot to manage, but with the right plan and a good strategy, you’ll be cruising through with ease. Join us for an in-depth look at how communicating about open enrollment is essential to keep employees informed about their benefits choices and drive participation. 

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Work Redefined: A New Age of Benefits

Get insights from MetLife’s 15th Annual U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Study, which focuses on the rapidly changing workforce. New ways of working, increased diversity, and the impact of Millennials in the workplace are fundamentally changing companies and their employees. Employees want their benefits to reflect their changing lives. Employers who adapt their benefits strategies to address employee needs are better positioned to succeed in meeting their benefit objectives with a more satisfied, productive and loyal workforce.

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Using Technology to Build the Best Benefits Experience

Technology can vastly enhance the benefits experience, but many companies are not taking advantage of all that it has to offer. From the Superbowl of benefits (Open Enrollment) to qualifying life-events and new hire enrollment, to annual dependent audits and ongoing billing and compliance, technology is vital for HR teams managing comprehensive benefits programs.

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How to Reach HCM Nirvana

Keeping up with HCM data reporting is one of the most stressful but important parts of an HR professional’s job. Data clean up is essential to stay compliant, have accurate payroll information, keep sensitive information secure, and be able to perform HR analytics and strategic company planning. However, if you don’t have a plan for keeping your data up-to-date and accurate, the process can be overwhelming and tedious.

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The Benefits of Benefits Outsourcing

How to free up your HR team so they can focus on what matters

Managing employee benefits programs is costly and time consuming. And as all benefits professionals know, a benefits program is like an iceberg: only about 10% of the work that makes it successful is ever seen. The rest is below the surface. Benefits outsourcing allows HR and benefits teams to stay above water, where they can focus on important business issues.

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HR Technology Landscape

How to succeed in
these changing times
Presented by Unum

As employers’ HR challenges increase, they are increasingly turning to technology for help. Faced with expensive benefits, complying with health care reform and the need to shift risk to employees, they are looking for technology solutions that can help them manage complex administrative tasks.

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Transform Your Employee Benefits Communications

Drive Engagement & Understanding by Modernizing Your Strategy

Employees crave knowledge from trusted sources through personalized and customized communications. Developing the right strategy is key to ensuring your benefits communication campaigns resonate with employees and boost their overall knowledge of the benefits you provide.

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Emerging Trends in HR in 2017

Driving Business Results through Talent Reviews

With the new political landscape and continuous changes in our demographics, 2017 has been and will continue to be a rapidly changing year for the HR world. HR is going to have to stay on the forefront of legislative changes and may even need to get more engaged in influencing those changes. Stay alert and join us for this just in time session addressing what's keeping HR up at night and on our toes during the day.

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Don't Get Burned!

10 Things You Should Know Before Selecting Your Benefits Technology Partner

Benefits are big expense for most people. For the average employee, they are are his/her second largest annual expense, but many of them only spend 20 minutes on their annual benefits enrollment. Without the right tools, enough transparency, and stronger engagement when it comes to choosing a health plan, employees could run into big problems when they discover too late that they don’t have the coverage they need.

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The Hidden Paycheck

The Value of Total Compensation Statements

Paychecks pay mortgages, buy food and make vacations possible. So it’s easy for employees to just focus on their net pay and forget about everything else that is part of their compensation. That’s where employers and their human resources teams need to step up and sell the value of their company.

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The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Benefits

Free up HR and benefits teams

Managing employee benefits programs is costly and time consuming. And as all HR professionals know, a benefits program is like an iceberg: only about 10% of the work that makes it successful is ever seen. The rest is below the surface. Benefits outsourcing helps companies free up already stretched resources and allows HR and benefits teams to stay above water. 

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The Case of the Delinquent Dependent

How Dependent Eligibility Audits Solve Employee Benefits Cost Overruns

It’s expensive to offer an employee benefits program. Rather than implementing cost-cutting measures like reducing benefits or increasing co-pays, dependent eligibility audits can identify those individuals who are not eligible to participate in a company’s benefit plan.

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Seeing Through
The Fog:

The Top Trends in Employee
Benefits in 2017

The forecast for 2017 is calling for fog. And trying to see clearly in fog can be tricky for business. Even though the employee benefits market overall is forecast to remain relatively stable, there are some important fast-approaching “fronts” that brokers and employers need to be aware of as they consider their approach to their health and wellness programs in 2017.

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Where Do We Go
From Here:

The Election’s Impact
On Benefits In 2017

With the new President elect preparing to be sworn in on January 20th, what will their administration mean for our industry? James Slotnick, AVP of Broker Education with SunLife, discusses how congress’ makeup will impact the ability of the next President to push their agenda forward and where Brokers and Benefit Administrators should expect to see the biggest employee benefit changes in 2017.

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Watching a

It’s Time to
Embrace Technology

Even though the goal of the insurance carriers has always been to maximize enrollment, the methods by which enrollment occurs have evolved over the past 50 years from relying on paper to embracing technology. The commissions paid by the insurance companies provide an important revenue stream that helps fuel both disruption and innovation. Join us as we watch an industry disruption in progress.

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Communicate like a Marketer

for a Successful
Open Enrollment!

Communicating about open enrollment is essential to keep employees informed about their benefits choices and drive participation. But how can you make sure the message is getting through? Join PlanSource and Next Generation Enrollment and learn how to use best practices from the world of marketing to get the word out and boost engagement in open enrollment.

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It’s Groundhog

Now Let’s do
the ACA again!

If you’ve been in the HR business, you might have painful flashbacks to last year’s ordeal of working to remain compliant with The Employer Mandate. When it comes to ACA compliance, many are feeling doomed to repeat the past. But this year doesn’t have to be like Groundhog Day – PlanSource has one system to measure hours and create the 1095 and 1094 forms.

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is Knocking

How Benefits Lay the
Groundwork for a Thriving Workplace

Sure, that gym membership you offer is nice, but is that what is really keeping your employees engaged? Employees continue to navigate financial uncertainty and are seeking support and guidance when it comes to their benefits options. Join MetLife and PlanSource for a free webinar on how you can improve your benefits and create a thriving workplace.

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Payroll and

Go Together Like
Peas and Carrots

Payroll and benefits have historically been two separate functions under the HR umbrella. But thanks to the ACA – also known as “Obamacare” – the two functions are now more dependent on each other than they ever have been. Now is the time to make sure your payroll and benefits system have all the makings of a healthy relationship.

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It’s Crunch Time
for the ACA

What You Need To Be Doing to Stay Compliant With the ACA

Employers with more than 50 full-time employees were rushing to complete their IRS reporting. Since new hires get their own measurement period and all employees are subject to measurement each year, employers are in a constant state of measurement and reporting! Don’t fret, PlanSource is here to help.

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How Exchanges Are Changing
the World of Employee Benefits

Remember encyclopedias, phone books and VCRs? Just like the Internet changed the world, exchanges are changing the world of employee benefits. Defined benefit is moving to defined contribution, benefit administration is morphing into an engagement model, and technology is empowering a new, yet powerful player: the consumer.

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Top Three Disruptions
in Employee Benefits

Despite spending more per person on healthcare than any other developed country, health outcomes in the United States are among the worst. This paradox has created a target for change – and generated forces that are altering employee benefits. Legislation is bringing change from the outside-in and technology is ushering change from the inside–out.

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