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10 Things You Should Know Before Selecting Your Benefits Technology Partner

Thursday, May 25, 2017, 2:00pm (ET)


The Hidden Paycheck

The Value of Total Compensation Statements

Paychecks pay mortgages, buy food and make vacations possible. So it’s easy for employees to just focus on their net pay and forget about everything else that is part of their compensation. That’s where employers and their human resources teams need to step up and sell the value of their company.

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The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Benefits

How to free up HR and benefits teams so they can focus on what matters

Managing employee benefits programs is costly and time consuming. And as all HR professionals know, a benefits program is like an iceberg: only about 10% of the work that makes it successful is ever seen. The rest is below the surface. Benefits outsourcing helps companies free up already stretched resources and allows HR and benefits teams to stay above water, where they can focus on important business issues.

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The Case of the Delinquent Dependent

How Dependent Eligibility Audits Solve Employee Benefits Cost Overruns

It’s expensive to offer an employee benefits program, especially when you’ve got ineligibles masquerading as eligibles. Rather than implementing cost-cutting measures like reducing benefits or increasing co-pays, dependent eligibility audits can identify those individuals who are not eligible to participate in a company’s benefit plan.

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Seeing Through
The Fog:

The Top Trends in Employee
Benefits in 2017

The forecast for 2017 is calling for fog. And trying to see clearly in fog can be tricky for business. Even though the employee benefits market overall is forecast to remain relatively stable, there are some important fast-approaching “fronts” that brokers and employers need to be aware of as they consider their approach to their health and wellness programs in 2017.

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Where Do We Go
From Here:

The Election’s Impact
On Benefits In 2017

With the new President elect preparing to be sworn in on January 20th, what will their administration mean for our industry? James Slotnick, AVP of Broker Education with SunLife, discusses how congress’ makeup will impact the ability of the next President to push their agenda forward and where Brokers and Benefit Administrators should expect to see the biggest employee benefit changes in 2017.

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Watching a

It’s Time to
Embrace Technology

Even though the goal of the insurance carriers has always been to maximize enrollment, the methods by which enrollment occurs have evolved over the past 50 years from relying on paper to embracing technology. The commissions paid by the insurance companies provide an important revenue stream that helps fuel both disruption and innovation. Join us as we watch an industry disruption in progress.

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Communicate like a Marketer

for a Successful
Open Enrollment!

Communicating about open enrollment is essential to keep employees informed about their benefits choices and drive participation. But how can you make sure the message is getting through? Join PlanSource and Next Generation Enrollment and learn how to use best practices from the world of marketing to get the word out and boost engagement in open enrollment.

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It’s Groundhog

Now Let’s do
the ACA again!

If you’ve been in the HR business, you might have painful flashbacks to last year’s ordeal of working to remain compliant with The Employer Mandate. When it comes to ACA compliance, many are feeling doomed to repeat the past. But this year doesn’t have to be like Groundhog Day – PlanSource has one system to measure hours and create the 1095 and 1094 forms.

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is Knocking

How Benefits Lay the
Groundwork for a Thriving Workplace

Sure, that gym membership you offer is nice, but is that what is really keeping your employees engaged? Employees continue to navigate financial uncertainty and are seeking support and guidance when it comes to their benefits options. Join MetLife and PlanSource for a free webinar on how you can improve your benefits and create a thriving workplace.

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Payroll and

Go Together Like
Peas and Carrots

Payroll and benefits have historically been two separate functions under the HR umbrella. But thanks to the ACA – also known as “Obamacare” – the two functions are now more dependent on each other than they ever have been. Now is the time to make sure your payroll and benefits system have all the makings of a healthy relationship.

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It’s Crunch Time
for the ACA

What You Need To Be Doing to Stay Compliant With the ACA

Employers with more than 50 full-time employees were rushing to complete their IRS reporting. Since new hires get their own measurement period and all employees are subject to measurement each year, employers are in a constant state of measurement and reporting! Don’t fret, PlanSource is here to help.

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How Exchanges Are Changing
the World of Employee Benefits

Remember encyclopedias, phone books and VCRs? Just like the Internet changed the world, exchanges are changing the world of employee benefits. Defined benefit is moving to defined contribution, benefit administration is morphing into an engagement model, and technology is empowering a new, yet powerful player: the consumer.

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Top Three Disruptions
in Employee Benefits

Despite spending more per person on healthcare than any other developed country, health outcomes in the United States are among the worst. This paradox has created a target for change – and generated forces that are altering employee benefits. Legislation is bringing change from the outside-in and technology is ushering change from the inside–out.

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