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PlanSource Launches Product Release Aimed to Engage and Elevate Employees to Achieve Increased Benefit Consumption

The Celadon product release unveils a brand new product for engagement and utilization, new DecisionIQ functionality and an overhauled Guided Renewal Experience for HR teams.

Orlando, Fla. – August 15, 2022 – PlanSource, a leading provider of cloud-based benefits administration technology, announced today the launch of its Celadon Product Release. Available August 11 to all PlanSource customers and partners, the Celadon Release aims to elevate the employee experience, engage employees to increase benefit understanding and consumption, streamline processes for HR leaders and new ecosystem integrations.  

Employees are often confused by their benefit offerings. 80% of employers say employees don’t even read their benefit materials and half of those who do don’t understand what they are reading. HR teams are tasked with attracting and engaging talent by offering new benefits and initiatives, but employees are overwhelmed by choices and how to access and utilize those offerings. In the Celadon release, PlanSource is announcing a new product offering called The Source, aimed to make company news, benefits and initiatives relevant 24/7/365. Other updates in the Celadon release are driven by a need to streamline and improve efficiencies for HR and employees ahead of the busy open enrollment season.

These updates align with what PlanSource customers and partners need and value with a benefits administration partner. Celadon key features include:

  • The Source – This new product offering will allow HR teams to drive their culture by showcasing company messages, benefits and initiatives in one place. They can deliver timely content to their team members via a mobile command center which is key for employees who don’t have company email addresses. An informed employee is more likely to understand, utilize and appreciate their benefits.
  • New Integration with Paylocity – Based on customer and partner feedback PlanSource has launched a new HCM API integration with leading HR and payroll provider, Paylocity. Employees can access PlanSource via single sign-on from the Paylocity platform, add and update their information in real-time and see payroll deductions reflected in Paylocity within that current pay cycle.
  • Member Portal Integration with Prudential – Employees can now access Prudential’s Employee Portal right within the PlanSource experience through a single sign-on integration. This allows employees seamless access to file a claim, check claim status and more.
  • Voluntary Benefits in DecisionIQ – Employees will now see Voluntary Life contribution recommendations, making enrollment easier and more intuitive. Based on employee data already stored in the system, 100% of employees will automatically see a suggested contribution with no additional effort on their part.
  • Guided Renewal Enhancements – To further simplify things for HR leaders, several enhancements have been made to the Guided Renewal Experience so that it’s easier than ever to renew your plans, track progress in a new renewal dashboard and have enhanced control over carrier file changes and updates. With these updates, Guided Renewal will allow HR teams to automate and quickly complete the renewal processes.
  • Auto-Enabling Boost Carrier Content – Customers will now be able to use the provided partner carrier content templates that contain education, legal, and marketing material during enrollment while also allowing HR leaders flexibility to add their own content.
  • New Partner Marketplace Benefit Templates – In this release, there are 36 new voluntary benefit categories that HR teams can choose from to more accurately select the correct set up and content for their benefits offering.

“I’m really proud of the Celadon release and the features that we have invested in to improve the experience for HR teams and their employees.” said Srini Venkatramani, Chief Product and Technology Officer at PlanSource. “Open enrollment is the busiest time of year for our customers and partners so we know that delivering quality updates and new features that will make their jobs easier is a huge benefit.” 

PlanSource launches major software releases three times a year and conducts ongoing updates and enhancements throughout the year. More details about the Celadon release can be found at plansource.com/release.

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