Central Network Retail Group Wins with PlanSource
Confederation of home stores replaces multiple, incompatible human resources and benefits systems, gains visibility into all benefits, payroll and HR activities

Orlando, Fla. – July 19, 2016 – Central Network Retail Group LLC (CNRG) has partnered with PlanSource to standardize its benefits and human capital management systems and bring its HR processes into compliance.

“We’ve found a true partner in PlanSource,” said Boyden Moore, President of CNRG. “They’ve given us visibility into all our HR systems, are saving us time and resources, and are keeping us compliant.”

Disparate systems led to noncompliance and inefficiencies
CNRG is made up of many local hardware stores, with 15 distinct brands. At the time of CNRG’s founding, in 2011, each brand had different systems for managing benefits, and separate processes for handling payroll, onboarding, time and attendance, and other human resources functions. The CNRG team knew that it could gain numerous efficiencies by implementing a common technology platform for benefits administration and human capital management.

Implementation of standard benefits and HR systems
The CNRG management team partnered with Strategic Benefits Design to find a technology solution that would consolidate their benefits and HR processes. They decided to take a phased approach, and in 2013, they implemented PlanSource’s benefits administration solution. CNRG completed its first online open enrollment in August of 2013.

Switching from paper forms to an online benefits tool was a big step in improving efficiency and eased some of the administrative burden on their HR teams. However, CNRG knew that it could work even more efficiently and, together with Strategic Benefits Design, they set out to develop a unified human capital management package. After considered several technology solutions, they chose the PlanSource human capital management suite, which included solutions for payroll, time and attendance, applicant tracking, ACA and other regulatory compliance, and advanced tools for reporting and analytics.

PlanSource technology gives CNRG one source for HR and benefits management
Since implementing benefits technology from PlanSource, CNRG has enrolled 1,517 employees. The enrollment process, which previously left HR teams drowning in paperwork, is now done online and all benefits information can be accessed by their HR team and employees at any time throughout the year.

With the addition of the PlanSource human capital management suite and the guidance received from Strategic Benefits Design, CNRG now has a 360 degree view of all their employees, from the moment they complete a job application, to when they are hired, onboarded, enrolled in benefits and trained. They are fully compliant with all HR regulations, have decreased overtime expenses by 50% and significantly reduced their medical loss ratio.

“CNRG is a forward-looking company with great brands and great people,” said Dayne Williams, President of PlanSource. “We are thrilled to have provided them with a system that will allow them to work more efficiently and continue to thrive for years to come.”

Read the case study on the CNRG and PlanSource partnership here.

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About Central Network Retail Group, LLC

CNRG currently operates 81 home centers, hardware stores, and lumberyards in 10 states under 15 different brands. CNRG was formed in 2011. The company is building a multi-format, multi-brand operating company through strategic partnerships and acquisitions.


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