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Partner of the Week: Parentaly

January 4, 2023
Rachel Alfred
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Parentaly is a benefit offering that combines career coaching and content to ensure all stakeholders – the expecting employee, their manager and teammates – are set up for success before, during and after parental leave. To avoid the career and business disruption associated with longer leaves, expecting employees need formal support that sets them up for success before they go out on leave and ensures they thrive upon their return. Their programs fill this gap, providing employees with career coaching sessions, an extensive library of resources and custom training for managers of expecting employees. Parentaly helps companies make parental leave a positive inflection point for employees and the business – improving retention rates, employee morale and productivity.

We are excited to announce Parentaly as our Partner of the Week, where we highlight one of our unique PlanSource Marketplace Partners and the value they bring to the benefits industry. We recently sat down to discuss their unique employee benefits and how they support lifestyle planning within the benefits industry.

What makes your company unique in the benefits space – what key benefits do you provide to employees?

The number one concern employees have going into parental leave is career disruption. Despite this, all of the vendors in this space focus on filing for leave or health/parenting topics. We are the only vendor exclusively focused on supporting the myriad of career and business challenges involved in taking and returning from parental leave. We provide all of the templates, resources, tips and tricks that employees and their managers need to set up strong coverage and re-onboarding plans while also supporting career progression via career coaching. 7 out of 10 employees who go through our program say they are more likely to stay with their company as a result of going through the Parentaly program.

What industry problems are we solving with our partnership for HR teams and/or their employees?

Most companies do absolutely nothing to support their employees who are going on leave – not because they don’t care, but because they don’t realize the challenges employees and their teams face when someone is out for an extended period of time. By working with HR leaders to offer formal pre-leave planning and re-onboarding support, our programs help companies minimize negative business impact and retain employees as they return to work after parental leave.

What is one thing your company is doing to innovate your product/offering to change the industry?

More and more companies are extending paid parental leave, which is great – but they’re not thinking about the unintended consequences longer leave presents (to both the business and the career progression of their employees). We’ve built a product to fill that gap, offering formal parental leave support that addresses the three most common implications employers face when they extend leave: business disruption and missed goals, employee turnover, and decreased productivity and engagement.

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about Parentaly and see examples of unique benefit providers out there, check out the PlanSource Partner Marketplace.

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