5 Clever Themes To Get Employees Excited for Open Enrollment
October 9, 2019
Jill Garrison
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Open enrollment is an exciting time for HR professionals. The culmination of months of work, OE is the “Super Bowl of Benefits” and HR’s time to shine.

Do you have a communications plan in place? No matter your company size or OE budget, picking a theme is a great way to get started and to unify your HR communications throughout open enrollment.

If you need a little inspiration, you’re in luck. We’ve got 5 fun open enrollment themes to get you started!


Take your employees on an out-of-this-world open enrollment odyssey with a fun space theme. Our ‘Sci-Fi’ theme features a funky astronaut making his way through the benefits galaxy. Inspire your employees to take their own benefits journey!


Your employees will be star struck with our cheesy movie theme. Sporting the clever title, ‘Enroll Actually,’ our movie theme draws on cliches from every romantic comedy ever made and will make you laugh, cry and even enroll!


Open enrollment is HR’s time to shine! Kickstart the soiree with our festive ‘Celebration’ poster, which features vibrant colors and a funky design. After all of the planning and hard work, you deserve it.


It’s time to rock and enroll! Our exciting ‘Rock Band’ theme highlights world-famous Benny & The Benefits during their open enrollment tour. This nostalgic theme is sure to resonate with employees!


Announce your benefits game plan with our festival ‘Football’ theme. Our bright green football field announcement is the perfect way to kick off OE in style. Don’t wait for a hail mary, get your free sports poster today!



Overwhelmed With OE?

PlanSource to the rescue! Our team of employee communications experts is here to help. Whether you need a snazzy new benefits guide or you need help designing a full employee communications strategy, we’ve got you covered. Contact us below for a complimentary consultation.

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