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About The Benefits Benchmark Report

Welcome back to the annual PlanSource Benefits Benchmark Report. I'm Nancy Sansom, Chief Commercial Officer here at PlanSource, and I am delighted to introduce the 2020 Benefits Benchmark report. In this detailed analysis, we’ll showcase this year’s top trends for employee benefits enrollment, benefit types offered, contribution amounts and more. We look forward to sharing our data with you. Please enjoy this free report, and feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions about the findings or about our platform.

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Executive Summary and Key Findings

Don’t have time to peruse the full report? Here’s the
‘just give me the gist’ version to provide you busy bees a quick,
high-level look at our top findings for 2020.

Benefit Offerings and Medical Plans


Average number of total benefits
offered by PlanSource customers


Average number of medical plans
offered by PlanSource customers

Cost of Providing Medical Insurance

It’s no secret that the cost of health care is on the rise—we hear about it regularly in the news
and see it on our paychecks. But just how much did the cost of health care increase in 2019?

Single Coverage


The average cost of single coverage in 2018

Family Coverage


The average cost of family coverage in 2018

How does it stack up?  

For companies using PlanSource as their benefits technology platform, premiums rose 7% this year, which is slightly higher than the latest Kaiser Family Foundation report that indicates a 5% increase in premiums.

HDHP and HSA Trends

Peanut butter and jelly. Peas and carrots. HDHPs and HSAs? Our 2019 data indicates a slight increase in the percentage of employers that offer an HDHP and that most employers with a high deductible plan option also offer an HSA.


Companies offering an HDHP


Companies offering an HDHP that also offered an HSA

Open Enrollment Insight

Wouldn’t it be great if employees did their homework and logged in
to enroll in their benefits in a timely manner?
Spoiler alert: they don’t. 

Enrollment By Period 

first third

second third

last third

Nancy Sansom
Chief Commercial Officer

Benefits Benchmark Webinar

Benefits are incredibly complex. And in an industry crowded with so many different stakeholders and many differing opinions, it can be difficult for employers to clarify the best benefits strategy for their organization. One of the best tools to make sense of it all is cold, hard data. Data is powerful. When you know what the average employer’s benefits program looks like and how much they’re paying, you can make a real comparison of how your organization measures up and have something to base your strategy on.

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