Meeting Financial Wellness Challenges Together

Wednesday, February 20 | 1pm ET


What It’s About

Are you where you want to be financially? Chances are, a majority of people would tell you they could always use a little more money. But that sentiment takes on a more serious tone when you look at the numbers - 63% of people don’t have a deep enough rainy-day fund to cover a $500 emergency. More and more companies are learning that financial issues negatively impact employee performance and productivity, delaying their retirement and directly affecting the company’s bottom line. While most people would never turn down extra padding in their bank account, how can the average employee reach a state of financial wellness, regardless of their salary?

Join us for a free webinar with Ketty Trivedi of Prudential in which she’ll discuss how employers can address employee financial wellness challenges using benefit experiences. She’ll cover how having a comprehensive, integrated, technology-backed financial wellness program offering attracts top talent for employers and generates revenue for brokers, all while helping employees achieve their financial goals. As health care costs continue to rise with employee turnover at record highs, employers need complete digital plus human-powered programs now more than ever.

What You'll Learn

What true financial wellness looks like for anyone, regardless of their tax bracket

Why employee financial wellness matters for employers and brokers, both for employee engagement and the business bottom line

How to create a complete, engaging financial wellness program that affects real change

About Our Speaker

Ketty Trivedi
VP, Strategic Marketing, Workplace Solutions Group

Ketty Trivedi is Vice President, Strategic Marketing at Prudential’s Workplace Solutions Group. She is responsible for Financial Wellness Customer Engagement and Voluntary Product and Enrollment Marketing. Her role involves leading marketing strategies and cross-business initiatives, launching new solutions to market and driving customer engagement programs. Trivedi joined Prudential in 2007, and during her tenure has lead multiple initiatives including enrollment marketing programs, marketing launches for voluntary products, the development of marketing facing business value propositions and process improvements to drive efficiencies and generate expense savings. Trivedi holds a bachelor’s degree from Bombay University, an MBA from St. Xavier’s College and a Digital Strategy and Analytics certification from Columbia University. Trivedi lives in New Jersey with her husband and two children.

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