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Since 1984, Professional Plastics has operated as a family-owned business, working as a distributor and fabricator of mechanical and high-performance plastics. Creating items used in aerospace, the medical field, and food processing, Professional Plastics has successfully grown to a business of nearly 450 employees operating in 20 branches and 3 different countries.

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Joe Daigneault, the Human Resources Director for Professional Plastics, describes the company’s previous paper enrollment as challenging and inefficient. The company would require each employee to fill out a form with pen and paper, and then would have to continually follow up with these employees to ensure they had completed their benefits selections and changes each year. “With 20 branches, trying to keep track of 440 employees, their forms, and then struggle to get those back is a heavy administrative burden.”

Paper enrollment slowed down reporting as well. Mining data and providing reports meant reaching out to each individual carrier after an enrollment to acquire accurate information and then wait for a return response, creating a lack of visibility. The company needed to move quicker and place less burden on their administrative staff.

  • Paper enrollment process was costly and tedious for the company’s staff
  • Following up with employees multiple times was time-consuming and inefficient
  • No system for real-time reporting since data had to be provided periodically by the carriers



In 2017, PlanSource arrived with a much-needed technology solution, moving the company entirely off of paper and into the digital world. “Switching from paper to an online ben admin makes the entire enrollment process so much slicker,” Joe explains, “With 440 employees, getting open enrollment information out is so much easier, our employees are familiar with the platform and we just don’t have too many enrollment challenges anymore.”

Joe touches on the importance of getting benefits information out, which is crucial to hosting a successful open enrollment, and is truly a challenge when your enrollment strategy isn’t a ‘one stop solution’, like PlanSource. With this, Joe and his HR team are excited to be leveraging PlanSource’s text messaging campaigns this year in order to effectively communicate important information with their employees across the 20 different job sites.

“We just learned that PlanSource offers a comprehensive SMS platform, and we’re going to be taking advantage of that. We know that employees are much more likely to respond to a communication from a text message than they are an email or relying on word of mouth. For us, this means much quicker, more efficient communication.
Communication is definitely key, which is why moving from paper to just any digital solution isn’t quite enough. A quality benefits administration software needs to be able to do more than just host an open enrollment, but also communicate the importance of the that enrollment in a customizable manner. PlanSource does just that and more, right out of the box.

  • PlanSource’s ben admin technology moved Professional Plastics to an entirely digital enrollment
  • Benefits communication methods are being implemented with PlanSource’s SMS platform



  • Drastically Reduced Burdern on Benefits Administration Team for Open Enrollment
  • Mitigated Enrollment Inefficiencies Caused by the Previous Paper Enrollment Method
  • Increased Reporting Speed and Effectiveness



Based on your experience, what advice would you give other companies searching for a solution?

“It’s important to rely heavily on references when shopping for a ben admin solution. Make sure the vendor can supply you with unbiased references of people who have gone through implementation and are currently using the system. Also, make sure there is good customer support with a quick turn-around time. You don’t want a 1-800 number or email inbox that doesn’t get answered. Lastly, pay close attention to the company’s demos and make sure you ask lots of questions.” – Joe Diagneault, Human Resources Director for Professional Plastics

PlanSource is...

  • Everything we need in a Ben Admin
  • Easy to use for employees
  • Very supportive

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“PlanSource is a very sophisticated ben admin system, and it’s nice to have support on the back end as well. It integrates with our benefits info website and is easy to use for our employees."

Joe Daigneault, Human Resources Director for Professional Plastics

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