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IronRoad’s benefits technology makes a major advancement with PlanSource



Cincinnati, OH

Professional Employer Organization




IronRoad is a Professional Employer Organization that provides payroll, benefits, HR and other services to companies that want to focus on their craft while still maintaining the best quality environment for their employees. IronRoad services a multitude of companies, and uses PlanSource’s software to manage benefits for all of them.

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Due to IronRoad’s unique business model that serves all kinds of different companies with different needs, the benefits they would administer for these businesses could quickly get very complex. Adding to this, IronRoad used an entirely paper-based enrollment process that was 100% manual every year. Countless hours were lost as different departments within the organization would have to come to a full stop each open enrollment season to pitch in on the benefits effort. IronRoad needed an adaptive software solution, and fast.

  • Complex business model
  • An entirely paper based manual enrollment process
  • Coordinating with different departments
  • Pitching open enrollment



The complexity of the numerous businesses IronRoad serves requires a myriad of customizable enrollment options each enrollment season, and PlanSource has the flexibility to meet these needs. Jesse Simpson, a Benefits Coordinator at IronRoad, stated that in their old world the enrollment strategy would require departments like HR to ‘full-stop’ their work to service client needs during benefits season. Their manpower focusing on enrollment alone would balloon from 3 dedicated staff members to 10-12 until the wave was over. After implementing PlanSource as the benefits platform for all their clients in 2017they eliminated the need for 9-10 employees to be loaned from other departments, who are now free to focus on the roles they were hired for instead of being borrowed to administer benefits. 

The built-in reporting suite within PlanSource has also been a big improvement for IronRoad’s HR team. Previously, all data for every employee they served was stored in Excel spreadsheets that would have to be poured over every time there was a question or a change. Now, they have a robust reporting module that handles everything and has revolutionized IronRoad’s speed and data accuracy. 

Jesse states, “It used to be a pain to get details out of reports, but now I can filter down to the exact individual client and their eligibilities to get the data we need without having to search for it. This cant even compare to the Excel spreadsheets. Between PlanSource and the old way we used to work with employee benefits, it’s like two different worlds.” Jesse uses the reports weekly, and compared to his old Excel system, PlanSource is saving him enormous amounts of time. 

Access to accurate reporting has granted Jesse and his team peace of mind when it comes to compliance issues, “We feel very safe with compliance now. PlanSource helps us track hours and make sure we’re offering benefits to those that are eligible at an affordable cost. The data we need is right there in front of us when we need it, so I feel very comfortable.” 
Between an easy implementation process in 2017 that set the tone for the positive PlanSource advancements over the years to come, to satisfied HR administrators and employees, IronRoad not only saves exceptional manpower each enrollment season, but they now have the reporting data and resources to grow toward a stronger future with highly satisfied clients.  

  • Reduced Workload
  • Built in Reporting



  • Reduced Needed Manpower During Open Enrollment Season
  • Boosted Data Strategy with Increased Reporting Capabilities
  • Transitioned from 100% Paper Enrollment to a Modern Digital Experience



Based on your experience, what advice would you give other companies searching for a solution?

Jesse Simpson, Benefits Coordinator for IronRoad answered:

Businesses looking for a software solution need to be thorough in their search. Prepare a lot of questions for the possible vendors. Don’t leave anything on the table - you don’t want any surprises when you go live. It’s not just the software’s capabilities that are important, but also the people delivering the solution. At PlanSource the people we’ve worked with are always pleasant, fun and energetic.

What three words would you use to describe PlanSource?

  • Intuitive
  • Efficient
  • Customizable

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- “PlanSource helps us track hours and make sure we’re offering benefits to those that are eligible at an affordable cost.”

Jesse Simpson, Benefits Coordinator

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