A Release Schedule with Our Customers in Mind

February 22, 2022
Kahley Czupek
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Based on feedback and requests from our customers, we are excited to announce a new release cadence starting this year. We will now deploy major releases 3 times per year, eliminating a major release during peak usage times in the fourth quarter. For years, our customers have requested that we not release during the most popular open enrollment window, and we are pleased to answer that call. This will ensure minimal downtime of the system and allow you to get through your open enrollment as smoothly as possible.

The new release schedule

Going forward, you can expect to see releases in January, April, and August each year. There was not a release for January 2022 since we finished up our quarterly schedule in December 2021. The new release schedule starts with our Sunglow release in April. We will be deploying the following major releases in the next year:

  • Sunglow Release, April 7, 2022
  • Celadon Release, August 11, 2022
  • Cerulean Release, January 2023 (exact date TBD)

Smaller updates and monthly maintenance

Although we are eliminating a major release in the Fall, we will continue to make smaller updates throughout the year during our Scheduled Monthly Maintenance windows. These smaller updates will include timely enhancements as well as changes needed to meet regulatory deadlines so you can count on the PlanSource system to stay up to date. The full platform maintenance schedule is now available on our website so our customers can be prepared well ahead of time.

Release communications

For each major release, we will continue to share new features in a variety of ways so that you can stay informed and ready to use the new functionality as soon as it’s available. A few weeks prior to each release date, we will hold a webinar with our product experts to walk you through what to expect. We will also share the new features via our Product Release page and in our Technical Release hub.

It’s all a part of the roadmap

PlanSource is 100% focused on benefit technology, and we’re investing millions in modernizing the customer experience in three key areas: removing friction from the marketplace between buyers (employers and employees) and sellers (insurance carriers and brokers), modernizing the way data is transferred in the benefits industry and using new and powerful technology to help employees pick the right plans for themselves and their families. With these goals in mind and the modern architecture that our team leverages, we can eliminate a release during your busiest time of year, while also continuing to release more functionality to meet the needs of our customers during our smaller monthly updates.

Want to learn more?

Check out our Product Release page for more information on upcoming as well as past releases and our Platform Maintenance Calendar.

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