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Partner of the Week: MetLife Legal Plans

January 25, 2023
Rachel Alfred
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For over 45 years, MetLife Legal Plans has been helping employees and families navigate legal issues by providing legal consultation and representation through a simple to use and cost-effective legal plan. Today, they are the country’s largest provider of legal benefits. With over 18,000 attorneys in their network, an award-winning customer service team, and digital solutions for legal needs — they are proud to do their part in expanding legal access to Americans.

We are excited to announce MetLife Legal Plans as our Partner of the Week, where we highlight one of our unique PlanSource Marketplace Partners and the value they bring to the benefits industry. We recently sat down to discuss their unique employee benefits and how they support legal matters within the benefits industry.

What makes your company unique in the benefits space – what key benefits do you provide to employees?

Unlike other voluntary benefits which are purchased as a safety net (in the hopes that you never have to use it) the more an employee uses a legal plan, the more they benefit. Like it or not, laws permeate every aspect of our lives. So, it’s helpful to have an advocate in your corner.

MetLife Legal Plans provides protection at every step. It offers real and tangible results in the form of legal representation and consultation. Protection is not only a result of affordability and accessibility — but also due to the range of covered legal services.

What industry problems are we solving with our partnership for HR teams and/or their employees?

MetLife Legal Plans and PlanSource provide employers with an integrated benefits experience, including education around the versatility and value of Legal Plans for everyday and complex matters. A Legal Plan is just as important as medical or dental insurance since the law impacts every aspect of a person’s life. We leverage educational materials such as case studies, video explainers, and one-pagers to help employees understand the full breadth and power of having a Legal Plan to support every stage of an employee’s life.

What is one thing your company is doing to innovate your product/offering to change the industry?

To deliver on our mission, we’ve been expanding coverage to represent the diverse needs of Americans. Legal protection means different things to everyone. We’ve been learning from our customers and researching to understand the legal issues impacting diverse backgrounds, including race, gender, income, age, disability, sexual orientation, and geography, and have worked towards enhancing coverage that helps more people. Some of these in the past five years include:

  • Reproductive Assistance Law
  • Video notary for our online estate planning solution
  • Personalized caregiving services
  • Comprehensive identity monitoring and restoration services
  • The inclusion of grandparents under our Plus Parents legal coverage
  • Tax preparation and filings

Our commitment to meeting the legal needs of all Americans is how we provide protection at every step.

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about MetLife Legal Plans and see examples of unique benefit providers out there, check out the PlanSource Partner Marketplace.

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Partner of the Week: MetLife Legal Plans
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