Dependent Verification
Verifying dependents decreases benefits costs and improves compliance

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Dependent Verification

Ineligible dependents cost businesses millions of dollars in annual health plan expenses. Rather than implementing cost-cutting measures like reducing benefits or increasing co-pays (which employees are not fans of), dependent verification can identify those individuals who are not eligible to participate in a company’s benefit plan. Dependent verification is a best practice in employee benefits. 

By ensuring that only eligible participants are receiving coverage, you can save money and stay compliant. If you’re self-funded, you can eliminate stop-loss exposure and ERISA violations if applicable and SOX issues (if you’re a public company). The monetary savings to the employer can be significant, with an average of 6% of covered dependents deemed ineligible for continued coverage.

dependent verification case study
See how Performance Health Holdings, Inc used PlanSource Dependent Verification to save over $178,500.00* annually in healthcare costs!

Why Dependent Verification?

Save Money
 Reduce medical premiums for fully-insured plans and claims costs for self-insured plans

Improve Compliance
Improve compliance with your Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs), HR policies and rules

Minimize Risk
Reduce stop-loss exposure and litigation risk related to ERISA, Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulations

How Much Could You Save with a Dependent Verification Audit?

We’ve found that, on average, 6% of dependents listed on benefits plans are ineligible. What does that mean to you? $10,000? $100,000? More? Run a few scenarios on our Dependent Eligibility Savings Calculator and see how high your potential savings could be!

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PlanSource Dependent Eligibility Audit Projected Savings Calculator

What is the Verification Process?

Best Practices for Dependent Verification

 Conduct an amnesty-style audit after you’ve concluded open enrollment

 Get buy- in from unions and other stakeholders in advance

 Use a third-party to conduct the audit to protect the employee-employer relationship

 Communicate clearly and often with employees about the audit process and deadlines

 Provide positive and clear communications to employees using multiple communication channels

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