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What is the Service?

PlanSource gives you everything you need for communicating with your employees about benefits. With a team of communication experts, PlanSource will help you create a strategy that is tailored to the needs of your various employee groups. When employees have a better understanding of the benefits you offer them, they have a stronger connection with the company. Leave it to PlanSource to conquer your specific challenges to ensure stellar communications that bring the right information at the right time to the right people.

How Does The Service Work?

PlanSource creates communications strategies, plans and materials based on your to-do list and unique needs of your employees. We tailor these communications through a variety of options that include custom websites, guidebooks, videos, postcards, emails, text messaging, brochures, total compensation statements and more. Our communications specialists will work with you to design and execute a plan that will surpass your goals. We do this by creating custom content, managing your data and distributing content through digital and traditional methods.

Open Enrollment Video Postcard

Communicate vital aspects of your benefits open enrollment to your employees in a custom, informative video. We’ve made it easy with a template that can be tailored to your company branding and specifications.

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What Are The Benefits of the Service?

Better Education
Better benefits education is the precursor to better benefits decisions.

Higher Enrollment
By informing employees of the value of their benefits, participation will increase.

Improved Health
With better coverage, employee health — and productivity — will increase.

"Couldn’t ask for better partners when it comes to communications! PlanSource is always able to take our thoughts and visions and bring them to life in communications that exceed our expectations. They never disappoint."

Amy Olinzock
Health & Welfare Benefits Manager
Learning Care Group

What’s Included in the Service?

Benefit Websites
Provide employees easy access to product and plan information through customized websites.

Descriptive Guides
Create print and digital guidebooks that act as a useful reference material for employees.

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Customized Videos
Videos created just for you not only entertain but educate your team.

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Text Messaging
Send texts to your entire employee base during open enrollment and throughout the year.

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Total Compensation Statements
Share personalized documents with your employees that showcase the overall value of their financial rewards.

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Personalized Postcards
Share actionable benefits information and provide awareness by mailing a postcard directly to an employee's home.

Communication Plans
Turn your goals into actionable plans and campaigns that deliver results with stellar creative content that will wow employees.

Traditional Printed Materials
Create paper-based materials personalized to your company and employees like brochures, posters, folders, letters and more.

Print & Fulfillment
Print and mail personalized materials to a location or directly to an employee’s home.

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