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Benefits are an important part of life.

Benefits administration is at the center of the PlanSource universe. And given the complexities of the health care system, it is important to approach benefits with laser-like focus. That is where we can provide the greatest value in an increasingly complex market. It’s why employers, brokers and carriers use the PlanSource platform to automate processes, engage employees, ensure compliance and keep an accurate record of benefits partners and transactions.

Better Benefits Administration to Help You:


Stop using paper forms and empty your filing cabinets by managing benefits online with sophisticated yet intuitive cloud-based benefits technology.


Provide employees with an easy-to-use, educational experience for benefits shopping and enrollment, with tools that help them make the right decision.

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With COBRA and ACA rules that need to be followed, we’ve got what you need to stay compliant, whatever acronym is thrown your way.

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Stay connected and in sync with third-party systems, including insurance carriers, HCM, payroll and TPAs as employee information is added or changed.

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PlanSource Boost

A groundbreaking program that provides organizations with industry-leading benefits technology and carrier integrations that modernize the benefits experience for employees and HR teams.

Manual, time-consuming processes bog down HR teams and cause discrepancies, timing issues and administrative burdens. Employees are often confused by their benefits choices; they expect benefits shopping to be as intuitive as any other online experience but are all-too-frequently disappointed. We aim to fix this with PlanSource Boost. We are partnering with leading insurance carriers to breathe new life into the benefits industry with real-time API integrations, an engaging employee shopping experience and time-saving services.

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A Mobile-Friendly Benefits Experience

The PlanSource system uses responsive design, which means that employees and HR teams have the same intuitive experience, whether it is on a laptop, tablet or phone. The site will simply adapt and look great on any size screen.

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Intuitive and Informative for Employees

Insurance products are complex and can be confusing, and the enrollment process has historically been complicated affair. Employees shouldn’t have to be benefits experts, and in the modern work- place, they have precious little time to spare. That is why we have created an intuitive and easy-to-use shopping experience that is similar to other online interactions. Personalized content and intelligent plan recommendations are woven right into the experience, so employees understand the benefits that are offered to them and make the right choices based on their unique needs.

Benefits Shopping

We guide employees through the process so that they can shop for benefits the same way they shop for other products online.

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Educational Content

Personalize the content that displays to employees based upon demographics, location, employee type and more.

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Personalized Plan Recommendations

Help your employees understand their “best match” plans based on their preferences and expected usage (doctor visits, drugs, etc.).

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Life Event Changes

Automatically enforce your rules for life events as your employees get married, grow their families, or lose coverage throughout the year.

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Send targeted communications to specific employee groups based on seniority, location, department and numerous other factors.

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Decision Support with ALEX

Jellyvision’s ALEX uses behavioral science, non-jargony language and humor to engage employees and offer personalized, confidential guidance.


EOI Integrations with Top Carriers

Single Sign-on to select carriers and automated EOI decision processing

Robust For the Administrator

PlanSource provides HR teams with one technology platform
to efficiently manage all aspects of their benefits programs.

With Features That Matter for HR Teams

ACA Measurement and Reporting

PlanSource automates the measurement of employee hours and the creation and distribution of 1094-C and 1095-C forms.

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Eligibility Management

Configure your employee groups and benefits, including business rules for waiting periods, coverage options, age restrictions and EOI.

Cost Calculations

Calculate employee and employer contributions to premiums, and automatically transmit deductions to your payroll system.

Customizable Reports

Create, customize, preview, save and schedule reports that give you an overview of your benefits programs

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Document Management

Manage the process of gathering documentation from end to end with sophisticated tools to review, approve and upload employee documents.

Bill Creation and Reconciliation

Generate consolidated self-bills and reconcile carrier-provided bills based upon carrier-specific rules for billing and mid-month changes.

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