PlanSource is a Cloud-Based Benefits Administration and HCM Solution

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PlanSource provides a complete cloud-based technology platform for managing employee benefits and human capital. From benefits administration and payroll to talent and workforce management, PlanSource is an employer’s single and complete source for human resources software.

Whether you are an employer, broker, or carrier, PlanSource can be configured as you need it - whether that is as a custom benefits administration system or public or private insurance exchange.

Through a community of brokers, carriers and consultancies, PlanSource's Products delivers exchange and non-exchange based benefits and human capital management (HCM) solutions to companies of all shapes and sizes. For teams small or large, hourly or salaried, PlanSource helps employees get the coverage that is right for them.

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With benefits shopping, enrollment, billing and ACA compliance, PlanSource gives you feature depth without compromising on ease-of-use.



By supporting exchange and non-exchange setups and defined benefit and contribution models, PlanSource enables evolving benefits strategies.



Like a software version of Elasti-Girl, PlanSource lets you build the perfect combination of benefits and shape your plans to the needs of your workforce.



Through APIs, PlanSource can create a custom, brand-consistent customer experience, yet maintain the benefits of a SaaS-provisioned solution.



Today’s users expect intuitive and easy-to-use software that looks great and PlanSource delivers it – whether you’re on a mobile device or desktop.

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