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Making company news, initiatives and benefits relevant 24/7/365
While benefits administration platforms help employees make benefit decisions and successfully enroll, there is a clear gap in engagement and utilization after the fact. Additionally, there are many other important company-wide initiatives that HR teams also struggle to engage employees in.

Enter The Source – designed to truly maximize the value of your benefits package and other HR efforts to drive healthier, happier outcomes for your employees and their dependents.


15 Minutes

Employees spend choosing benefits


Employers spend per employee per year


Of companies say employees don’t read materials
Why are employee engagement tools important? 
Most benefits administration platforms only assist employees in choosing their benefits but do little to help them understand and maximize how they are used. PlanSource has transcended into a new category focused on engagement.​ Our administration platform is at our core, however, surrounding that are all the features and components necessary to address the most common benefit issues related to engagement.

Benefits are Expensive

We know benefits are expensive, yet employees don’t value them because they don’t understand them

Benefit Education is Confusing

Most employees don’t know where to go to find, use and maximize their benefits when questions arise

Retaining Talent is Critical

Retaining and attracting talent is critical, and conveying the value of your benefits package matters more than ever

Need for Personalization

Across the workplace, benefits need to be personalized to the individual employee to drive maximum value and adoption

How The Source Helps

All company information including news, benefits and videos in a single view
Shop, enroll in benefits and see suggestions powered by DecisionIQ
Single Sign-On
Seamless access to targeted solutions
Communicate with employees any time via text messaging, email, push notifications and in-app messages
Employer Branding
Upload your logo and branding so employees know where to go
Find a Provider
Employees can find a provider and view ID cards in one convenient location
See how The Source can help you
Benefits for Employees and HR Teams Alike
Many HR teams are struggling to communicate company and benefit initiatives and drive engagement while employees don’t know where to access benefits and company information. The Source solves all of this in one fell swoop as a tool that connects employers and employees in the most intuitive and convenient way.
Be Knowledgeable: The Source makes it convenient and familiar to interact with all things company related

Remain Aware: Stay informed with company news and benefit information with text and push notifications from HR

Maximize Benefits: In high pressure benefits situations employees and their family can access relevant information like finding a doctor and viewing ID cards

Increase Retention: Showcase your company initiatives and benefits in a way that is accessible to employees and clearly demonstrates your value of and investments in your workforce

Enhance Engagement: The Source is your mobile command center to communicate through push notifications, text messages and assigned tasks so employees know what’s going on and what actions they need to take

Improve Utilization: When employees know where to go to understand what benefits you offer, they are more likely to appreciate and use them, thus making the most of your benefit investments

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