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Wealth, Identity Theft
Aura delivers comprehensive identity, fraud and digital protection that’s easy to use for the entire family.
What makes us special:
The powerful partnership of Aura and MetLife now offers a comprehensive Identity & Fraud Protection benefit. With all the protection and none of the complexity, Aura’s simple, automated and preventive features help to effortlessly protect families’ personal information, finances, privacy and connected devices.

As the leader in the employee benefits space, MetLife understands the importance of protecting what matters most to your employees. That is why we partnered with Aura, an innovator in the industry of digital security.

Our solution has a comprehensive set of features to safeguard members’ identity, money, assets, family, reputation and online privacy. But we believe that employees will only utilize these features if you take away the complexity. That is why our solution is simple and full of automation, where we do the work for our members.

Our tiered plan designs provide flexibility to meet a range of protection needs and budgets and are available as a Voluntary or Employer Paid benefit.

The Best ID Theft Insurance
$5M insurance policy per adult member is highest in the industry
Superior Employee Experience
Easy-to-use and automated features that help catch and fix threats on members’ behalf
Top rated, easy to use, feature-rich mobile app
SINGLE feature-rich, user-friendly mobile app. After 1.3K+ app store ratings, Aura is the highest rated app amongst top competitors.
The Broadest Family Protection
Employees can add any 10 adults and up to 10 minors to their plan with no restrictions. Each enrolled adult receives their own private, full-feature Aura account.
I had received a warning from Aura of an unknown person using my name to open a false credit card account. When Tammie at Aura got all the information from me, she called the creditor and the three of us discussed the situation in depth. The fraudulent account was immediately closed, and Tammy helped me become more familiar with even more services included in my Aura plan.
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