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Lincoln Financial Group & Boost

HR teams spend a significant amount of time on manual configuration of benefits. It’s time to take that time back!

The age of real-time integrations and instant access to information is upon us. And it’s essential that technology platforms and insurance carriers take full advantage of these advances to create the best customer experience possible. That’s why we created PlanSource Boost.

Through Boost, PlanSource and Lincoln Financial Group will revolutionize the way benefits are set up and administered. Through simplified billing, an optimized shopping experience and future state-of-the-art API integrations, we will save HR teams valuable hours and lead the industry into the modern age of benefits administration.

Preferred pricing
for PlanSource technology when customers offer one or more Boost products
Employee Shopping
experience that’s optimized to drive engagement
Modern API Integrations
that provides a seamless customer experience
Simplified Self-Billing*
that eliminates the need to reconcile carrier bills
*Does not apply to reseller partners
Boost Integrations – The Future of Our Partnership
When customers select one or more products from Lincoln Financial Group through PlanSource Boost, they will have access to PlanSource’s industry-leading platform and integrations that create the best experience for employees and HR teams. Below are some examples of where PlanSource and Lincoln Financial Group will be working together in the near future to bring innovation to enhance the employee and HR experience.
Evidence of
Insurability (EOI)

Single Sign On – AVAILABLE NOW

Decision Notification – Future Release – Q422

Integration and automation
Employees answer EOI questions directly in the benefits shopping experience, turning a paper-heavy process into a single, automated workflow.
Key Benefits
  • Completed questions are sent to Lincoln Financial Group automatically
  • Provides faster turnaround time so employees have coverage sooner
  • Administrators have full visibility into workflow


Future Release
Ensure accuracy and eliminate traditional EDI files

Allows for real-time delivery of member-level eligibility information, eliminating batch EDI files. The enrollment API removes discrepancies between PlanSource and Lincoln Financial Group’s systems due to timing issues, which can lead to lack of coverage.

Key Benefits
  • Improved access and automated updates
  • Eliminates need to reconcile
  • Reduces errors
Plan Configuration
Future Release
Simplify setup and configuration

Automates the configuration process and pulls relevant product and rate information from Lincoln Financial Group’s system, reducing customer effort and implementation time while improving the accuracy of the data.

Key Benefits
  • Simple plan set up that saves time
  • Reduces implementation time
  • Improves accuracy – reduces errors

Member Portal

Future Release

Provides seamless entry for employees upon enrollment into Lincoln Financial Group’s member portal.

Key Benefits
  • Seamless access to the information employees need
  • Improves employee experience with one place to login and access Lincoln Financial Group information
Why choose Lincoln Financial Group?
Lincoln Financial Group has a thorough understanding of our unique customers, allowing us to deliver an insightful portfolio of group benefits, designed to fit the needs of each business.
Group Benefits
We know your industry and understand how to make your business stronger by helping to protect your people and building their confidence.
With a diverse portfolio of employee benefit capabilities, we listen and create purpose-built solutions that can fit you perfectly.
to Your Needs
We are driven to stay in-step with your needs through constant innovation and timely insights.
Benefits that Can Help You Every Day – Now and in the Future
Lincoln Financial Group Insurance Benefits Available with PlanSource Boost
Basic Life
Basic Accidental Death and Dismemberment
Critical Illness
Long Term Disability
Short Term Disability
Voluntary AD&D
Voluntary Long Term Disability
Voluntary Short Term Disability
Voluntary Term Life
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Lincoln Financial Group partners with PlanSource to simplify the benefits experience through Boost

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