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Cigna® & Boost

HR teams spend a significant amount of time on manual configuration of benefits. It’s time to take that time back!

The age of real-time integrations and instant access to information is upon us. And it’s essential that technology platforms and insurance carriers take full advantage of these advances to create the best customer experience possible. That is why Cigna and PlanSource are working together with Boost, because they share common goals of leveraging innovation to deliver affordability and simplification.

Through Boost, PlanSource and Cigna are revolutionizing the way benefits are set up and administered. Through simplified billing, an optimized shopping experience and future state-of-the-art API integrations, we will save HR teams valuable hours and lead the industry into the modern age of benefits administration.

Preferred pricing
for PlanSource technology when customers offer one or more Boost products
Employee Shopping
experience that’s optimized to drive engagement
Modern API Integrations
that provides a seamless customer experience
Simplified Self-Billing*
that eliminates the need to reconcile carrier bills
*Does not apply to reseller partners
CIgna Quote
Our mutual customers agree, "Cigna and PlanSource have effectively worked together to increase time available to handle other HR tasks.”**

**HR Technology Platform Client Usage & Attitude Qualitative Research study conducted by Cigna in March 2019.

Boost Integrations – The Future of Our Partnership
Now when customers select one or more qualifying products from Cigna through PlanSource Boost, they will have access to PlanSource’s industry-leading platform and integrations that create the best experience for employees and HR teams.
Enrollment API
Future Release
Ensure accuracy and eliminate traditional EDI files

Allows for real-time delivery of member-level eligibility information, eliminating batch EDI files. The enrollment API removes discrepancies between PlanSource and Cigna’s systems due to timing issues, which can lead to lack of coverage.

Key Benefits
  • Improved access and automated updates
  • Eliminates need to reconcile
  • Reduces errors
Plan Configuration
Future Release
Simplify setup and configuration

Automates the configuration process and pulls relevant product and rate information from Cigna’s system, reducing customer effort and implementation time while improving the accuracy of the data.

Key Benefits
  • Simple plan set up that saves time
  • Reduces implementation time
  • Improves accuracy – reduces errors

Member Portal
and Provider
Directory Integration

Future Release

Provides seamless entry for employees upon enrollment into myCigna website and app. Employees can search and customize their medical team from a trusted network of providers, hospitals and services. 

Key Benefits
  • Seamless access to the information employees need
  • Improves employee experience with one place to login and access Cigna information anytime and anywhere
  • Access customer service 24/7
  • Get virtual care from medical and dental providers
  • Monitor claims, payments and receive useful tips

Why choose Cigna?

Product Breadth

In addition to Cigna’s qualifying lines of supplemental health coverage, Cigna is currently the only participating carrier in Boost that also offers medical to focus on whole person health.*


Our whole-person health approach helps lower total health care costs and help improve health outcomes by integrating the physical, emotional, financial, social and environmental aspects of your employees’ health.


Our ability to coordinate across medical and supplemental health plans provides a seamless view across all benefits, giving you the ability to manage costs – and care – holistically.

Auto Submit
Claims Data

Through Simple File® if an employee has multiple plans with us, we’re able to use their Cigna claim data to remind or automatically submit their accidental injury, critical illness or hospital care claim on their behalf – so they can focus on getting back to health and life.


Clients agree that the Cigna and PlanSource partnership has been valuable to them, their company and their employees by improving the employee experience and creating process efficiencies.**

*Cigna’s medical and dental coverage is not a qualifying line of Boost coverage
Benefit Solutions to Help You Get More Value from Your Plan
Real health and wellness solutions for real life. Total health and wellness results from addressing five key areas of your employees’ well-being: Physical + Emotional + Financial + Social + Environmental.
Cigna Solutions Available with PlanSource Boost
Supplemental Health Solutions
Accidental Injury
Critical Illness
Hospital Care
Plus, Value Added Benefits
24/7/365 Dedicated Customer Support
My Secure Advantage
Health Advocacy Services
Healthy Rewards
Virtual Medical and Dental Care

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