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Benefits are an important part of your employees’ lives. We are committed to making sure that each and every user has a fantastic experience enrolling in and managing their benefits. In addition to a responsive design that works on any device and an intuitive interface that is easy to understand, we offer support for eligible employees and their dependents to ensure they get the assistance they need.

For employees and their dependents, we can answer simple “how-to” questions, help them navigate important life events and assist them in enrolling in the right plan and products. And because we understand that benefits can be complex with a myriad of confusing choices and options, PlanSource has licensed agents on staff that expertly guide employees to the right decisions for their families.

This Is How We Can Help You

Password and Login Assistance
Passwords get lost and security questions get forgotten - but fear not, we’re here to help. In fact, it’s one of the most common questions we get.

“How Do I?” Questions
PlanSource is built so that it is intuitive to learn and easy to use, but that doesn’t mean help isn’t needed sometimes. We’re happy to help when you need it.e get.

Benefits Help
Whether help is needed to select the correct benefits or just understand the products that have already been selected, PlanSource has a staff of licensed experts waiting on the call.

English and Spanish
For diverse workforces who speak either English or Spanish, PlanSource offers agents on staff to assist with enrollment or other important tasks throughout the year.

Here’s How You Can Reach Us

By Email
It’s easy to get in touch with us - just press send on an email to And if you need it, we can set up a dedicated inbox and answer employee emails on your behalf.

By Phone
We love to talk to our partners and customers, so call our US-based support team anytime during regular business hours. And if you need it, we can set up a dedicated 1-800 toll-free number just for you.

By Chat
When an email is too impersonal and a phone call is a little too personal, live chatting with a team that can understand different family scenarios and knows benefits inside and out can be just perfect.

Wait! There’s More!

In addition to support for employees and their consumers, we also provide support for the overworked HR staff, their brokers and their consultants. These people make employee benefit program happen and we’ve got their back.

Learn About Administrative Support

Let’s face it - running an employee benefits program can be overwhelming. Benefits outsourcing means that we’ll run your benefits program for you and acts as an extension of your HR and benefits team.

Learn About Benefits Outsourcing

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