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PlanSource, The Software Whisperer

Software deployments are hard work, much like welcoming a new puppy to your house (OK, not as cute, but you get the point). New routines need to be put into place. New tools must be learned. And harmony must be reestablished. The key to rolling out software is to staff the right team, choose the right approach and follow the right methodology. This is where PlanSource excels. Which is why some call us the Cesar of software.

The Right Team

With the Right Stuff (Sorry, Buzz Aldrin is not available)


Project Manager
A.K.A the Crosser of “t”s and Dotter of “i”s, ensures the project gets done according to plan


Configuration Specialist
A.K.A. the Dream Maker, sets up the system
per your requirements


Data Analyst
A.K.A. the Data Dynamo, delivers smoothly working integrations

The Right Approach

There are many ways to skin a cat (but who’d want to do that?) and many ways to set up your benefits. We’ll help with all of them.

Active Open Enrollment
Employee and dependent data is pre-loaded and prior coverage info is not, so employees must log in and make elections.


Passive Open Enrollment
With elections also pre-loaded for employees based upon prior coverage, employees log in to review and make changes.


Mid-Year Conversions
All demographic and current election data is loaded, so employees can log in to make changes as needed.


“I can’t say enough good things about the PlanSource support and implementation team.  With their help, we got the system up and running in record time with no hiccups.”

Elizabeth Colvin
VP of Human Resources

The Right Methodology

More Method, Less Madness


Planning and Configuration
We’ll set the plan and set the system up according to your specs.


Certification and Training
We’ll test the system and train your HR team so they are ready.


Go Live and Support
We’ll take you live and be there for you until the system stabilizes. Good Boy!

A Typical Implementation

Truth be told, no software implementation is typical! That said, our “typical”
takes between six and eighteen weeks depending on the services selected.

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