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A Proven Framework for Long-Term Success

We understand your success is more than just a tool. You also need the right strategy, set up, and people behind it to really maximize your technology investment. That’s why PlanSource has an entire team dedicated to ensuring yours is getting the most out of PlanSource, right from the start. Whatever your implementation needs and goals, we have a Launch plan that will get you set up, live and seeing results quickly.





Faster Time-To-Value

Our structured approach and detailed project plan ensures everyone stays on track, on time and updated for a smooth Launch, from kickoff through go-live.

Maximum Efficiency

We clearly define your requirements, benefits configurations and processes upfront, so your system is set up to meet your specific needs.

Higher Adoption

We’ll help train and enable your entire HR team, giving them the tools they need to not just use the system, but to really get the most out of it.

Scalable Growth

We want you to be wildly successful with PlanSource, so we deliver a high-quality experience that’ll set your team and your system up for long-term success.

Your Launch Journey

Our Proven Plan for a Successful, On-Time Implementation




In this phase, you’ll start learning the system, and we’ll gather all the info we need about your benefits to prepare for Lift-Off.


Next, you’ll travel through the Requirements, Configuration, and Audit & Testing stages before signing off on the system.


All systems go(live)! Now you’re live, your team is trained, and your data is syncing with your insurance carriers and other partners.



We’ll work with your team to document all of your unique business requirements, workforce configuration and eligibility rules in detail.


Next, our specialists will help set up your system and put it through a comprehensive inspection before handing off to your for final testing.


Finally, your team will be able to walk through the entire system using test employee data to make sure everything is exactly how you want it.


“PlanSource is thorough and responsive. We had an amazing, dedicated team that took us to a smoothly operating system.”

Sarah Dare
Benefits Coordinator, Bloomfield Hills School District

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The Right Methodology

More Method, Less Madness


Clear Expectations and Communication
We know how important it is to clearly define project requirements, timelines and owners upfront. Our detailed project plans and real-time collaboration tools ensure our teams stay tightly aligned on project needs, responsibilities and progress.


Extensive Training and Enablement
Your entire HR team will have access to initial and ongoing training – including custom sessions, live webinars, on-demand certifications and courses, and more! – so you can start learning the system before you’re even live and new ways to do more.


Experienced Guidance and Best Practices
Our Launch team brings decades of benefits and platform experience to your implementation project, giving you strategic guidance, helpful advice and peace of mind from running 1,000s of successful implementations.


Flexible Options

Our range of implementation packages and add-on services lets you choose the experience you want, based on your:

Enrollment Style (Active, Passive, Mid-Year)
Benefits Complexity
Budget & Internal Resources
Technology Proficiency

The Right Team

You’ll have an entire team behind you to ensure your team and your platform are set up for success. Launch roles include:

Transition Specialist
Project Manager
Benefits Coach
Configuration Analyst
EDI Analyst

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