Evidence of Insurability Integration and Automation

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Carrier API-Based EOI Integrations

Gone are the days when an employee has to print an evidence of insurability (EOI) form, fill it out and mail it back to the carrier. We’ve established repeatable data integrations and single sign-on (SSO) connections with key carrier partners to streamline the EOI process and automate approvals. Employees answer EOI questions directly in the benefits shopping experience, turning a paper-heavy process into an automated, single workflow. And for HR teams, automation of EOI decisions eliminates the manual approval and notification process.

Participating Carriers*

*Some restrictions apply

When is an EOI Required?
You decide!

PlanSource allows you to define the specific rules for when an Evidence of Insurability process is required for each benefit plan. Evidence of Insurability can be required for new elections over the Guaranteed Issue amount, for changes to existing benefits greater than a certain amount, or both.

When the system detects that an EOI is required, employees are notified within the shopping process. They can clearly see the coverage amount and paycheck deduction that is approved, and the additional coverage amount and paycheck deduction that is pending approval.  

Two-Phased Approach to EOI Integrations

Phase 1

Allows employees to answer EOI questions within the benefits shopping experience

Phase 2

Automates the notification process for the employee and HR professional when the carrier makes their decision.

Features Your Employees Will Love

Streamlined Process

Employees can complete the EOI questions within the benefits shopping experience

Immediate Action

At checkout, the completed questions are sent to the carrier automatically

Reduced Wait Time

Provides faster turnaround time so employees have coverage sooner

Features Administrators Need

Automated for HR Teams

The EOI decision from the carrier is sent to PlanSource automatically, notifying HR and the employee

Real-time Updates

EOI decisions with status, amounts and start dates are updated in real-time

Full Visibility

Administrator has ability to monitor and audit automated EOI processing

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