Customize the Employee Experience

Your company has a unique structure and your people have unique needs. That’s why, with PlanSource, HR teams can customize the shopping and enrollment experience for their employees with their own logo, color palette, page content and messaging. You can browse our libraries of images, icons and videos, select which ones you want to use, and even upload your own! Watch this video to learn more:

Logos and Colors

Your company logo will appear in the top left corner of the website. If you need to display a different logo to different groups of employees, we can handle that, too. You can also select your color palette.

Image Library

Browse our library of images to use on the Employee Dashboard, or upload your own. The images are organized by category: abstract, industries, life events, nature, new hire, open enrollment and other. You can always use the same image on the Employee Dashboard for all employees, or you can change the image based upon the employee’s status (new hire, life event, open enrollment, etc.).

Content Blocks

Are there documents, links or other announcements that you want your employees to see when they log in to PlanSource? No problem! You can feature content on the Employee Dashboard – we call each highlight a content block. A content block includes an icon, heading and description. We have a library of icons that you can use – they are available in five colors: blue, dark blue, green, orange and gray. The heading can be a link to an external website, app or document.

Browse our library of content blocks for your Employee Dashboard, customize them, or just create your own. You can use the same content blocks for all employees, or you can change them up based upon the employee’s status (new hire, life event, open enrollment, etc.).


Browse our library of educational videos that explain commonly used industry terms in a fun, entertaining way. The videos help employees make informed choices and understand the importance of voluntary benefits such as short-term disability and accident insurance. The short, animated videos are seamlessly integrated into the shopping and enrollment experience, and are available in English and Spanish. 

See the Videos



For any questions, please contact your PlanSource sales or Launch representative.

The tool to select and customize the employee experience has been removed, because now you can do all of that right within the PlanSource system! If you need help along the way, check out the Branding and Page Content course in PlanSource University or contact your PlanSource Launch or Support Team.