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MetroHealth is a successful healthcare company serving Western Michigan. Including hospitals, clinics, and a health village, MetroHealth has nearly 3500 employees with specific benefits needs, all managed by a small HR team. MetroHealth selected PlanSource Premium in 2019, and Nicole Nieswand spoke with us to share how this changed things for employees and HR team. 


Grand Rapids, MI 







If we didn’t have PlanSource, I wouldn’t have the time to do any strategic work. We would need 1 or 2 more of me. We’re saving money because these people would have to be solely focused on what PlanSource does.

Nicole Nieswand

Senior Benefits Specialist, MetroHealth


Trying to stay lean and effective, the MetroHealth benefits team needs to be focusing on quality benefits solutions and planning out for the next 3-5 years to keep employees happy and attract talent. They don’t have time to spend days solely answering enrollment questions. The benefits team at MetroHealth was working with a white-labeled version of PlanSource from their previous broker, and they saw the advantages the system could provide if they could leverage it in its full capacity. Looking to digitize enrollment to save on time and money, MetroHealth removed the middle-man and signed on for PlanSource Premium. 

  • Staying lean and effective 
  • Planning for the next 3-5 years 
  • Keeping employees happy and attract new talent 
  • Having a resource to answer employee benefits questions 

The move to PlanSource Premium not only unlocked the platform’s complete functionality – saving MetroHealth’s team countless hours in administrative tasks each month, but also meant they had now had a dedicated PlanSource account manager to field questions to and offer strategic guidance and support. This enabled the company’s busy HR team to provide more proactive benefits support, addressing enrollment questions and issues before they even arise.

Moving from a mainly paper enrollment process to a fully digital one created some apprehension at first, but once open enrollment started, MetroHealth saw 70-80% of employees immediately adopt the self-service experience without any HR intervention or support needed. They quickly embraced the tool after realizing they had all of the resources they needed to easily shop for and enroll in benefits online and all on their own … without having to come to HR or talk to someone on the phone.

Simplifying the process, digitizing the enrollment experience, and outsourcing tedious ben admin tasks to PlanSource’s team significantly increased MetroHealth’s end-to-end benefits program efficiency, allowing its team to focus those HR hours and cost savings on more strategic initiatives.


MetroHealth credits both the PlanSource benefits platform and the full suite of add-on services they’re using with its benefits program’s continued success. They’ve optimized their employee experience, offering a simplified, 100% digital enrollment process that’s increased employee engagement and eliminated manual ben admin tasks for internal HR team members. The day-to-day guidance and strategic support the team gets from its PlanSource account manager have been a huge value add in helping to prevent problems and in quickly troubleshooting ones that do arise. The time savings they’ve seen have been a massive benefit, allowing the HR team to focus on the strategic demands of their job, instead of just enrollment questions.


Easy Adoption

70%-80% of the
employee workforce adopted
the experience 

Reduced Stressors

The ben tech reduces the need
for HR support staff

Simple Digitization

Easy transition to a digitized
benefits enrollment process

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