PlanSource Understands Employers
Benefits help make the team work

PlanSource Understands Employers


Overworked HR Teams

The ratio of human resources personnel to staff is usually low, which means too much work and not enough time to do it.


Focused on Compliance

Whether they are government laws and regulations or internal policies and procedures – they have to be obeyed and followed.


Burdened by Admin Work

HR teams are often awash in manual, time-consuming processes and any tools that can help reduce the workload are welcome.


Challenged by Technology

Technology tools that improve employee productivity are the new normal and not the nice to have that they once were.

PlanSource Serves Employers of All Sizes

It’s becoming increasingly costly and complex for employers to manage their benefits programs and ensure compliance. PlanSource provides companies of all sizes with an affordable technology platform to efficiently manage their benefits and human resources programs.


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We Have Customers of All Shapes and Sizes

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PlanSource Makes Benefits Easy


Maintain Control

Benefits are a significant spend that PlanSource helps manage through eligibility, cost calculations and carrier billing and reconciliation, regardless of whether a defined-benefit or contribution approach is selected.


Stay Compliant

With government oversight and regulations increasing, PlanSource has the requirements built into its features and workflow to ensure that processes and procedures are kept compliant from the start.


Be Engaging

By giving employees technology tools like PlanSource that save them time, respect their circumstances and help them make the right decisions, team members will be happier and more productive.

PlanSource Has the Right Functions


PlanSource offers an end-to-end solution that ensures accuracy by connecting to payroll, stays compliant by measuring hours worked and automates work by generating IRS forms. Seamlessly part of benefits administration, PlanSource imports hours from payroll, measures hours for coverage, activates/deactivates employee coverage, and generates and sends the forms to the government to help you stay compliant.

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Decision Support

Insurance products can be complex, so a big challenge for human resource departments is educating employees about what the products are and why they need them. PlanSource helps consumers understand the benefits that are offered to them, and make the right choices based upon their unique needs. That’s why PlanSource supports the consumer’s decision making in two important ways: comprehensive education and personalized recommendations.

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Video Library

Let’s face it – benefits and insurance can be complex and confusing. And that confusion can result in misinformed employees who buy products that aren’t right for them. That’s why PlanSource includes free educational videos that explain some of the basic concepts in health, wellness and benefits. Employers can use these short, animated videos (yep, they are free) during open enrollment and year-round for employee education.

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PlanSource Has the Right Features



From PTO to EEOC, HIPAA to FMLA, we’ve got what you need to stay compliant, whatever acronym is thrown your way.

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Eligibility Management

Configure your employee groups and benefits, including business rules for waiting periods, coverage options, age restrictions and EOI.



Manage the end-to-end experience from qualification and enrollment to administration and termination.


Open Enrollment

Oversee the OE process for your employees for the new plan year, while continuing to manage changes in the current benefit year.


Cost Calculations

Calculate employee and employer contributions to premiums, and automatically transmit deductions to your payroll system.


Employee Communications

Provide custom communications to specific employees or employee groups during open enrollment or throughout the year.

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Bill Creation and Reconciliation

Generate consolidated self-bills and reconcile carrier-provided bills based upon carrier-specific rules for billing and mid-month changes.

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Configurable Reporting

Leverage a suite of built-in, best practice reports or create custom reports that can be generated automatically to meet your needs.

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Customized Branding

More than just colors and logo, the full user interface can be customized to include imagery, navigation style, messaging and content.

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PlanSource understands that our future success depends on keeping our current customers happy. We do this by listening to and having high quality conversations with our partners and customers through the PlanSource Advisory Boards.

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We update the product to make it stronger and more secure, introduce new features and improve existing ones.

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View our Internet-famous webinars that tackle the issues that are affecting the health care industry and keeping you up at night.

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Sure, we’re tooting our own horn, but there’s some good info in here about what we do and how we help folks get valuable benefits.

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