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Dermalogica is a leading skin care company based out of Los Angeles county that was founded in 1986 and has been a PlanSource customer since 2015. Specializing in personal care items, the company sells their products online and through International Dermal Institute-trained skin care professionals in more than 160 countries. Dermalogica needs an innovative benefits technology solution that can keep up with their needs, while staying simple and accessible. 
LA County


With PlanSource, I’m not worried at all anymore about open enrollment. I don’t need to lift a finger, and come the morning of the first day, I know it’ll just work.

Jenn Gaw

Director of Human Resources, Dermalogica

Director of Human Resources Jenn Gaw noted that one of her biggest challenges with their previous benefits system was dealing with the time it took to set up an accurate open enrollment. With their prior system, any plan changes or enrollment events would generate a 500-page document of plan rules that would have to be sorted through, adjusted and approved before the event could take place. 

Leading a team of 3, this stretched Jenn’s resources to the limit, especially at a time of year where every second counts. Time-draining activities like this can be crippling when the HR team needs to focus on the employees they are serving, and not software that’s supposed to be helping them. For Dermalogica, looking for a better solution became a critical initiative. Jenn and her team evaluated many software solutions for their service, innovation and authenticity, and Jenn is happy to have found PlanSource.

  • Previous system was too time consuming   
  • Benefits team would have to proof a 500 page benefits report each open enrollment  
  • Stretched resources for the Human Resources team of 3 
Since signing up with PlanSource in 2015, Jenn hasn’t had to lament over the time-wasting 500-page open enrollment documents her team would have to dredge through in order to ensure plan accuracy every year with their previous benefits system. Now, with PlanSource, they enjoy a system that is ready to host an enrollment when they are.  Jenn explained that PlanSource makes the difference with service, ongoing system innovation the use of a tactical implementation team.
  • Dermalogica needed to find a ben admin system that could save them time and wouldn’t tax the HR team every time there was a benefits change. 
  • They placed a focus on software that would be reliable enough to always ensure they wouldn’t have to stress about missing an OE start date.   
  • Dermalogica needed to ensure they found a system that would continue to innovate and listen to user feedback to avoid roadblocks. 

For open enrollment alone, the PlanSource system has saved Dermalogica’s HR team huge amounts of time and stress. The team would worry, year after year, whether they would make the open enrollment deadline due to the complexity of their previous system. Every year, and with every plan change, they would have to manually check and recheck all the data to ensure nothing got missed. Now, Jenn states that the difference in software is incredible; it’s actually a solution she can rely on instead of one that created roadblocks for her team. In addition, she cites the peace of mind her team has knowing that a PlanSource Account Manager has their backs as well.   

The employees at Dermalogica are enjoying the change too. Jenn tells us that it was easy for the employees to transition between platforms. Employee adoption can often be a challenge, as people tend to resist change, but the PlanSource system is so easy to use that it wasn’t an issue for the Dermalogica team. PlanSource continues to invest in the employee experience to ensure that benefits enrollment feels as simple as shopping for anything else online. As a result, the employees at Dermalogica feel more empowered in their enrollment.