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A Benefits-Driven Solution

PlanSource and Vanner Insurance Agency can bridge the gap between insurers and consumers with our custom storefront that stocks carefully selected products from leading insurance carriers and an easy-to-use benefits administration experience.

Automate Processes

Stop using paper forms and empty your filing cabinets by managing benefits online with sophisticated yet intuitive cloud-based benefits technology.

Manage Eligibility

Set up your company’s workforce configuration and benefits to ensure that business rules are enforced during open enrollment and throughout the year.

Engage Employees

Provide employees with an easy-to-use, educational experience for benefits shopping and enrollment, with tools that help them make the right decision.

Manage Billing

Generate consolidated self-bills and reconcile and adjust carrier bills based on carrier-specific rules for bill creation and mid-month changes

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Ensure Compliance

With COBRA and ACA rules that need to be followed, we’ve got what you need to stay compliant, whatever acronym is thrown your way.

Maintain Control

Dashboards, reports and built-in workflows allow HR teams to maintain control of the process, add/edit/cancel benefits, and stay on top of changes and exceptions

Stay In Touch

Create and deliver custom communications for specific employees or demographic groups, based on life events such as a change in status or eligibility.

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Keep Accurate

Stay connected and in sync with third-party systems, including insurance carriers, HCM, payroll and TPAs as employee information is added or changed.

Benefits Made Easy for the Employee

It’s Intuitive

With customizable tools and educational content, employees easily understand the benefits that are offered, see the impact on their paychecks, and become more informed consumers of health care.

It’s Personalized

Throughout the shopping experience, PlanSource asks relevant questions and surfaces meaningful and timely information to provide personalized plan recommendations aligned to employee preferences.

It’s Convenient

With responsive, easy-to-use screens and a free smartphone app, employees can do important stuff like access their benefits, share their ID cards, store important health care contacts and receive push notifications.

Not everyone has access to a laptop or desktop computer. And not everyone can enroll in benefits while at work. The PlanSource system uses responsive design, which means that employees can enroll in benefits on any device, whether it is on a laptop, tablet or phone.

Untethered and free to roam, employees can now shop for and enroll in benefits using a tablet on their sofa or on a mobile phone in the subway just as easily as they can using a laptop at their desk.

PlanSource Product Stack

PlanSource helps employees make the right choices with personalized plan and coverage recommendations based on their preferences and cost estimates. We show which medical plan is the “best match,” how much life and disability coverage they should have, and even how much they should contribute to an HSA or FSA. Our recommendations engine provides guidance for all types of benefits, and we always explain the “why” behind our recommendations.

PlanSource Decision Support
PlanSource Decision Support

Making Benefits Easy

Maintain Control

Benefits are a significant spend. We can help you manage it through eligibility, cost calculations and carrier billing and reconciliation, regardless of whether a defined benefit or defined contribution approach is selected.

Staying Compliant

With government oversight and regulations increasing, PlanSource has the requirements built into its features and workflow to ensure that processes and procedures are kept compliant from the start.

Be Engaging

By giving employees technology tools like PlanSource that save them time, respect their circumstances and help them make the right decisions, team members will be happier, more productive and more engaged.

We Understand Employers

Overworked HR Teams

The ratio of human resources personnel to staff is usually low, which means too much work and not enough time to do it.

Focused on Compliance

Whether they are government laws and regulations or internal policies and procedures – they have to be obeyed and followed.

Burdened by Admin Work

HR teams are often awash in manual, time-consuming processes and any tools that can help reduce the workload are welcome.

Challenged by Technology

Nowadays technology tools that improve employee productivity are the new normal and not the nice to have that they once were.

PlanSource Has The Features That Will Make You Smile

Multiple FEINs

Handle complex business structures with multiple companies or divisions by tracking employees in aggregate across the combined organization.

Payroll Import

Integrate with major payroll systems to import the actual hours worked and perform the full-time employee calculation, keeping data accurate and saving valuable time.


Determine which employees are full-time and must be offered health care coverage using both the lookback and monthly measurement methods.

Rule of Parity

Measure the employment gap and determine which hires should be treated as “new hires” or “rehires” and enact the proper measurement periods accordingly.


View and take action on employees who are gaining or losing benefits coverage and communicate with employees through tracked and audited workflows.

Employer Reporting

Helps avoid fines and time-consuming audits by electronically reporting aggregate employer-level data on the Form 1094-C for all full-time equivalents within the ALE.

Employee Reporting

Stay compliant with IRS reporting by assembling, previewing and sending Form 1095-C to your team members how they want it – electronically or via paper.

Offers of Coverage

PlanSource uses Safe Harbor criteria (W-2, pay rate or poverty levels) in determining the affordability of an offer of coverage to the employee.

With Whom We Connect and Integrate

We’re an open system. As long as “the other guy” is willing and able to integrate with us, we’re willing and able to integrate with them.

Insurance Carriers

The products insurance carriers offer are the lifeblood of employee benefits programs because, without them, employers would have nothing to offer and employees would have nothing to enroll in.


Even though they may not carry the risk, Third Party Administrators are on the hook for claim processing and other administrative services. With integrated systems, we help them deliver on their obligations.

Payroll Providers

Payroll and benefits go together. Demographic information needs to be up-to-date and deductions need to be accurate - otherwise, employees are upset and HR staff looks foolish.

Strategic Partners

There are a host of other human resources software systems out there that are able to integrate with PlanSource. With an open architecture and accessible APIs, we make integration happen.

PlanSource offers a complete suite of human capital management (HCM) software solutions that fit the needs of any team — small or large, hourly or salaried. With payroll, talent and workforce management solutions offered through the PlanSource community, our human resources software allows you to find the best people and grow the best team.

PlanSource Human Capital Management Product Stack

The Right Stuff for Payroll

Wage Calculations

With shift premiums, overtime, piecework and makeup pay, and garnishment calculations standard and built-in, there is no need for side calculations or expensive customization.

Complete Processing

Manage the complete cycle from setup to processing to payment in a single system that avoids manual calculations or difficult-to maintain customizations.

Auto Tax Management

Stay compliant with regulations including multi-state and reciprocity rules, taxation wage accumulation and withholding, and deliver federal, state and local taxes on time.

Smart Tax

Correctly assign taxes by automatically determining and recommending the correct federal, state and local tax based on where an employee lives and works.

The Right Stuff for Talent Management

Applicant Tracking

Hire the best candidates faster with paperless applicant tracking, and onboard new employees with easy to-do lists and built-in tools that keep you compliant.

Tax Credits

Take advantage of government tax credits and make sure you get all of the money you’ve earned with tools that make the process paperless and painless.

Form I-9/E-Verify

Ensure compliance and avoid costly investigations/ fines with automated Form I-9/E-Verify for new hires, employees and administrative staff.

New Hire Onboarding

Onboarding new employees is quick and easy with to-do lists, custom workflows, manager task checklist, electronic forms and more.

The Right Stuff for Workforce Management


Allow employees who do not have traditional banking relationships to access funds through a prepaid card that does not require an invasive credit check.

Time and Attendance

Accurately track time and manage employees to their schedules to increase workplace productivity and eliminate unnecessary overtime expenses.

Performance Management

Automate employee management and evaluation processes so that individual employee goals are aligned with company-level objectives.

Retirement Administration

Give your employees a more secure financial future with personalized retirement planning and savings tools that are directly integrated with your payroll.

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