Perseus Release

June 11, 2020 

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Welcome to the Perseus Release

Perseus was one of the greatest heroes of Greek mythology, legendary for slaying monsters like the fabled Medusa. Brave and fearless, he is a fitting namesake for our Q2 software release, which includes some of our boldest innovations yet. With exciting new Boost integrations and enhancements to the HR and employee experience, the Perseus Release is a daring leap into the future of benefits. 

PlanSource Boost

The Perseus release introduces several new API integrations and enhancements with Guardian and The Hartford as part of our PlanSource Boost program.

Guardian "Find a Provider" Directory

Employees can now easily search for and select dental providers for Guardian PPO and DHMO plans without leaving the PlanSource shopping experience. With just a few clicks, providers are automatically pulled into PlanSource based on location. 

Employees can filter by in-network and specialtyand once they select a provider it is added to the plan information. The employee can then add the benefit to their cart and finish the benefits shopping experience.  


Guardian Plan Configuration API

Enhancements to Support Volume-Based Benefits 

PlanSource Boost is modernizing integrations with insurance carriers to save time and improve accuracy for HR teams. The real-time API-based integration with Guardian for plan configuration was initially released in September 2019. It supports dental, vision, life, AD&D and supplemental health products such as cancer, accident and hospital indemnity. With the Perseus release, we now support volume-based benefits such as critical illness, voluntary life, LTD and STD.  

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Evidence of Insurability Single Sign-On for The Hartford 


Gone are the days when an employee has to print an evidence of insurability (EOI) form, fill it out and mail it back to the carrier. With this new Single Sign-On integration with The Hartford, employees can complete the EOI questions within the benefits shopping experience by connecting to The Hartford’s online EOI form. At checkout, the completed questions are sent directly to The Hartford. No paper, no faxes and no hassle! 

Employee Experience

Enhancing the entire employee shopping experience to provide greater clarity and ease of use to improve the benefits and shopping experience for employees

Emphasize Other Plan Options

To increase awareness of other plan options that employees have to choose from while keeping a streamlined shopping experience, we have modified the flow to take employees to an “all plans” page. The employee will see their current plan highlighted in a list of all the plan choices, so they can easily compare the available options and make the right choice for their family.  


Improved “Family Covered” Workflow 

Reviewing and making changes to family members receiving coverage on a plan has never been easier. Now, employees can see full names and icons for each member, with checkboxes to select and de-select dependents from coverage. As they select or de-select members, they’ll easily see how the cost changes in real time, and they can now remain on the same page to create new members.

The coverage tier table is now right below the Family Covered section on the plan detail page, so employees can easily see the amount based on which family members they select or deselect.     


Finally, adding a new family member is easier than ever. Previously, employees were taken to a new page to add a family member, but now employees will see a form that opens from the right-hand side of the screen. This allows employees to add a new family member without taking them out of the benefits shopping workflow 

Beneficiary Management

Within the benefits shopping experience, the existing beneficiary workflow could be confusing for employees. We have made several usability enhancements that streamline the workflow and reduce abandoned shopping carts.

We’ve added a step to review beneficiaries, so the employee is aware that checkout is not yet complete. The beneficiaries page has been completely redesigned to easily guide the employee through the process of adding beneficiaries.  

When the employee adds a Beneficiary, the form opens from the right-hand side of the screen for employees to quickly add a beneficiary.  

At the top of the Add Beneficiary section, you’ll notice a dropdown that allows the employee to choose an existing beneficiary.  

Finally, we’ve introduced a new option that appears at the bottom of the section when there are two or more benefits that require beneficiaries. This allows employees to choose “Add to all benefits” to streamline the process.  

New HR Experience

The New HR Experience continues to modernize and improve the user experience for HR professionals. New Hire Processing is a key administrator task, and this redesign brings a more intuitive interface and improved functionality.

New Hire Processing  Beta

New hire processing enrollment charts 

More intuitive scheduling, templating and message creation 

Streamlined filtering and tabular views 

Customizable table with additional columns and filter options 



Enhancements to the Employee Profile 

See open & pending tasks plus critical details right on the Employee Profile 

See an employee's work status event history, document request history and EOI history 

See the pending task count in the header & navigation 

Guided Renewal Experience

In this release, we have changed the Guided Renewal workflow to significantly improve user friendliness and address top requests from customers.

We know that customers don’t always have all of the information needed when they start configuration. Because of that, the Guided Renewal workflow is now non-linear, so customers have true flexibility to move freely between benefits, plans and costs while renewing and configuring benefits for the new year, in the order that works best for them.


We’ve enhanced Copy Coverages functionality within Guided Renewal, allowing customers to view and edit the coverages and exports being copied and letting them modify the dates after Guided Renewal is complete. This increases flexibility for customers and minimizes the risk of incorrect copy coverages and export dates.  

Premium Billing

Enhancements to the premium billing tool will reduce manual forms and risk of errors to pave the way for greater billing automation.

Some PlanSource customers use our Billing Reconciliation and Payment service. For those customers this new functionality allows them to add bank account information and see the status of those bank accounts.

Text Messaging Communications

In an effort to support our customers during this difficult time, PlanSource has enabled our text messaging tool free of charge for all new or existing customers from now through the end of 2020. 

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Free to existing and new PlanSource customers in 2020*

  • Keep your employees informed about office or plant closures, updated safety protocols and work schedules 
  • Remind employees about critically important benefits, such as telemedicine and EAPs.  
*Up to 10 campaigns per month or 100,000 text messages 

COVID-19 Resource Center 

HR leaders are at the heart of an organization’s crisis strategy and response, and they’re facing new challenges every day as they work to keep employees informed, supported and engaged. HR and benefits professionals have a difficult job to do, and its critically important work that has become even more complex and strategic. In these exceptional times, it’s crucial for our community to come together and share ideas and experiences. We hope these resources are helpful to you as we all adapt to our newly transformed world. 

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