COVID-19 Resource Center

Your Guide for Navigating a Transformed World

HR leaders are at the heart of an organization’s crisis strategy and response, and they’re facing new challenges every day as they work to keep employees informed, supported and engaged. HR and benefits professionals have a difficult job to do, and it’s critically important work that has become even more complex and strategic. In these exceptional times, it’s crucial for our community to come together and share ideas and experiences. We hope these resources are helpful to you as we all adapt to our newly transformed world.





General Resources

The working world has completely transformed overnight, and employers are scrambling to adjust and maintain a balance between employee safety and organizational survival. Intuitive, mobile-friendly benefits technology provides a massive advantage in supporting employees and controlling costs.

Webinar Series

As HR leaders guide their organization’s response, it helps to collaborate with industry peers and see what works. We spoke with seasoned HR professionals from a variety of industries to bring practical advice and actionable takeaways for how to provide the best support for employees. 

Employee Communications

As many employees are working remotely and other employees of essential businesses are working in and out of trucks, hospitals and manufacturing plants, open communication channels are more important than ever. Employees are being bombarded with news, and they need accurate, timely information about their benefits on any device.

Mobile is a Must

Without the ability to travel or conduct in-person educational meetings or one-on-one enrollment consultations, employers need mobile-friendly self-service benefits shopping, communication and enrollment technology for this year’s open enrollment to ensure that employees have the information they need to make educated decisions.