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Wealth, Financial Wellness, Student Loan
Empower your growing team with a healthier, happier workplace through financial wellness benefits by Betterment at Work.
What makes us special:
Betterment at Work aims to make it simple for you to set up and manage your benefits by handling the administration and details at one of the lowest costs in the industry. From personalized retirement planning to paying off student loans, we can help your employees gain control of their finances so they can thrive at work—and in life.
Managing a 401(k) can be hard. That’s why, as a full-service partner, Betterment at Work does the heavy lifting, from ongoing administration to managing your employee’s investments, so you don’t have to. Our intuitive platform helps employees get better insight into their financial lives by being able to link outside accounts, get retirement advice for their Betterment accounts, and take advantage of automated tax-savings strategies all while having access to goal-oriented investing and access to socially responsible portfolios.


Higher bond allocations in your portfolio decreases the percentage attributable to socially responsible ETFs.

Student Loan Management by Betterment at Work provided in partnership with Spinwheel.

Paid non-client of Betterment. Views may not be representative, see more reviews at G2. Learn more about PlanSource’s relationship with Betterment.

Investment Choice
Guided investment choice allowing for values-based investing through Socially Responsible & Innovative Technology portfolios
Innovative User Experience
Seamless mobile & desktop app to manage finances on the go

Personalized Financial Advice

Personalized advice that seeks to help employees earn better returns and guidance on setting up and determining savings allocations based on their goals for retirement
Retirement & Beyond
Save for more than just retirement with our suite of products designed to meet a variety of personal financial goals

Financial Wellness Benefits Survey by Betterment


More than Just a 401(k)

Payroll Integrations

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PlanSource Unveils New Partner Marketplace

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